Unable to find Heroic Character Creation in the Corebook PDF

Forgive me for what likely comes off as ridiculous to the more veteran players, but I simply cannot find the list of Outlooks in the online copy of the rulebook I use now. I played this game six months ago and borrowed a friend’s copy at the time, one I no-longer have access to, that included a whole section on Heroic Character Creation (I believe it was called) that had all the outlooks like Fixed, Supine, Circumspect, the whole nine yards.
I recently found myself in a Dishonored mood again and wanted to go back to the tabletop; in my efforts to track down a new corebook of my own, I managed to get my hands on one only to find the Outlook mechanic oddly absent. I almost went crazy wondering if I imported the mechanic from another tabletop and frakensteined it into Dishonored but found evidence of its existence even in my book on page 63 as it discussed the Outsider Mark with “You may select this talent instead of choosing a talent from your archetype or outlook, with the GM’s permission.”.
I have since spent around an hour trying to find any mention of the outlook system online with little more success than other vague mentions of it in reviews of the tabletop and I’m kinda at my wit’s end here. I know it’s alot to ask, but could I get a list of the outlooks with their related stat increases and talents along with whatever else is included with Heroic character creation, if anything? If not, does anyone have any avenues I could pursue to find it myself? Thanks!

Outlooks are on page 80 and following in the corrected PDF of the Dishonored core book.

You find that here:

Ah, it would appear that I purchased an outdated version of the corebook. Thank you very much!

If you have the printed core book, you could contact Modiphius support and ask them if you could get the updated PDF.