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Virtual Tabletop Tokens

Hi guys, I made some time ago Tokens for Dishonored games to be used in Roll20, for now is some of the main classes that I my players is using in the campaign, some of the main characters and factions, I still need to add some of the npcs from the Rulebook. THe final goal is to add every main character from the games, expand the factions with different units, all the classes from the Rulebook and add some characters and factions from the book.

Link here:

Any problem with the links feel free to check with me.



I used some blank wooden coins to create tokens for Momentum, Void Points, and Chaos. One side lists the type of token, and the other lists the type with a red slash through it. This way the token just gets flipped “on or off” depending. It’s been working pretty well through 3/4 of the current adventure.

Wow! These are really nice, thank you :slight_smile: