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Roll20 Character Sheet for Dishonored

My friends and I are going to soothe the quarantine by testing Dishonored through “The Oil Trail” adventure. In order to play on Roll20, I’ve started implementing a Dishonored Character Sheet for the platform, and it looks okay for a first try. Before I go further, however, I’d like to know (1) if it’s okay with the rightful owners of the license, and (2) if there is anything mandatory to mention (for instance in the footer / copyright).

Also, I can provide the source code if anyone wanna check / contribute.


That’s awesome. I appreciate your efforts

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Kept working on it. Layout improvements, + basic dice rolls are implemented, although not through the roll templates (I need to read the doc before jumping on it).


Alright, I think the sheet should be usable at least in a basic way. If any intrepid storyteller wants to give it a try, head there in my public repository and try to follow the instructions. Don’t hesitate to report any bug, unclear instructions or idea for improvement either here, or directly in the repository’s issue tracker. I hope you’ll like it !

Link to the repository

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