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Game Ideas & Story Hooks

A place to propose and discuss game ideas and story hooks for the Dishonored RPG.

For instance, I am currently running three PCs through a game which has them chasing an angered inventor who has developed a specialized war machine that he intends to use against the Empire. This adventure takes the PCs out of Dunwall, and so far, into the interior of Gristol. Along the way, they have encountered some interesting NPCs and dangerous animals that I’ve created. Hopefully, they will be able to end this adventure in possession of the war machine, which they could use to take them on further adventures in the isles and beyond. We will see…

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My “house rules” on ranged fighting:

All shooting has a base difficulty of 2; then apply the following adjustments.

Pistol: -1@reach, +0@nearby, +2@distant; 4 damage (-1@distant)
Rifle: +1@reach, -1@nearby, +1@distant; 5 damage (+1@reach)
Crossbow: +1@reach, +0@nearby, +2@distant; 4 damage (+1@reach)
Wristbow: +1each, +0nearby, +3@distant; 3 damage
Voltaic Gun: +1@reach, +0@nearby, +3@distant; 3 damage

Exploding Bullets: +2 damage (+2 chaos)
Sleep Darts: Fast asleep, 0 damage (target becomes unconscious)
Incendiary Bolts: Burning, +1 damage (target will spend their next action putting out the fire, and not attacking, chasing, or otherwise engaging enemy)

Still target from a still position +0
Still target from a moving position +1
Moving target from a still position +1
Moving target from a moving position +2
If both shooter and target are on the same moving vehicle (boat, train, etc) then the difficulty is only +1.

Also apply: slight cover +1, heavy cover +2, adverse weather +1