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Adventures coming?

Is there going to be a living campaign or adventures? Its a great setting but with doing several games there won’t be time to full write my own stuff from scratch.

I think right now we will just have to come up with our own adventures.

I am finishing an adventure outline based on the tainted whiskey story hook from the rule book. I’d like to get some feed back, if anyone is willing. Thanks! Casey

Generally, I’m not good at coming up with my own adventures or campaigns. So I really would like some adventure collections and campaign books for Dishonored.
I hope there will be some in the (near) future.

We haven’t heard anything but there is another game Spire which is full of ideas you can pinch, set it a more fantasy themed world.

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I intent to steal liberally from the ‘Thief’ series of games (again… Did so with wfrp) and add more Dishonored twists on things.

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