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People who have ongoing campaigns - Thoughts on gameplay, character creation, ect?

I have been in a campaign for about 15 sessions now. This is my first time ever playing a 2D20 system, but I have been playing tabletop for years. I, personally really like the system in tandem with the setting. It doesn’t feel like the same way that say D&D does, how once you hit a certain level you can do whatever.
I think it adds a slightly more realistic feel, which matches the vibe of Dunwall. [Always at least a little scared about death]

I also really like the system of character creation and XP. My party has a Guide, An Assassin and a Miscreant. We each can handle ourselves but have abilities that set us apart. Its not Hyper-specialized, like we can all fist fight but my Miscreant is better at it or we can all sneak but the Assassin is better at it. I also like how the XP advancement system is not based on level but like a spending system where you can slowly advance your character rather than having a ton of new stuff all at once. I think its just nice to be able to advance you character at least once every 2-3 sessions but it also helps with story, immersion and feel of the game.

I really just wanna hear what others think, cause this game has really revived my love for the dishonored series and I wanna start a conversation.

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I’m not in a Dishonored game, but I had a similar experience with Mutant Chronicles earlier this year. I am similarly pleased with how 2d20 lets characters be dynamically different with proper application of talents, traits, and truths.

I think Dishonored is the most elegant version of these rules and after more than 20 years of struggling with power gamers and murder hobos, ive found a system that doesn’t reward them but nurtures natrative experiences instead.


See that’s what I really liked about this. The way that stats, [skills and styles] just did not allow for Power gamers. Characters are set up on a base line, all starting with 4 and your character is built [ at the beginning ] by your Archetype. Even with XP, raising 1 stat is not going to majorly break a character.

This system really does allow for some good narrative experiences which is one of my favorites parts about tabletop all together. Having high stats is neat and all but if the story and narrative experience are not good, its pretty meh for me.

I think my favorite part is how it has inspired my party and I to become more crafty and smart about situations. We went from struggling with small fights at the beginning to taking on enemies that we really could not have faced head on all because the game play has encouraged us to be more creative and narrative about our actions.