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Group 5 and DS Campaign

How much do you guys tell the players about Group 5 at start? And how do you portray them?

I haven’t read it at all, hoping to get to play that campaign, not GM it :slight_smile:


Well I’m starting the Dark Symmetry campaign as GM tonight, hope it goes well. Feel well prepared for a hectic first session :smiley:


How did your first session go?

We start the main campaign in an hour-ish. I am excited!!!

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I think it went really well, 2 of the 3 players were new to the 2D20 system, so it took some time to explain the basics. We started with mess that is shopping equipment, but once they had a chance to figure it out, every one had fun.

Spoiler Warning !!!

We played the 2 first call out from Dispatch, I even gave Dispatcher 7 eh " sexy female" voice for about 2 sentences (I’m a man in my late 40’s with a deep baritone voice), i kinda gave up on it after that.

The struggled some with the Buildbot 2000, but came out on top.

All in all, we had fun.

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Thats the same results i had :stuck_out_tongue: