Character Survival Guide

Hey folks! MC has become a huge hit with my group; soon we’ll be finishing the prologue adventures and jumping into the full Dark Symmetry Campaign.

We’ve definitely noticed a huge spike in lethality compared to other games we play, and the adventures have some very deadly tricks to mess with everyone’s plans.

We’re cool with the risks for the most part but i was wondering if anyone had some survival advice i could share with the group, or a few tweaks i could make to the upcoming campaign to help everyone live just a little longer before dying horrifically.


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Well if you’re worried about combat then let a character have a riot shield or something similar with the Full Defense X quality.
And cover is essential.
Also there is a little dirty trick the players can use: the character with the highest possible damage output acts LAST in a given round/turn and everyone else try to collect as much group momentum as they can (up to 6) so the last character can use them for penetration, secondary target, quick action or just to pump up the damage etc.

I dunno, as a GM i think its all about how you use dark symmetri tokens. You can easily send a horde of monsters on the players, or you use the dsp to do some storytelling and add drama/tension. get some horror checks and some mishaps instead of just more and more monster.

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Thank you both! This is exactly what i was looking for.

Remember that DSPs don’t have to be spent on Dark Gifts - they are the GM tool to add to the story. e.g.
“How could things get any worse?”
“It’s worse.”

For me… the problem with that is imagination. I used to have a nack for imagination when GM’ing, but no longer. Age…

One of the things we try and do with encounters now is to add a few Heat/DSP spends for terrain as well as encounters. 1 DSP is an incovenience. Two can be dangerous to character. Three is dangerous to the party.