Players who play "chaotic and loud" but with low stress track

hello everyone !
so in my previous session i had two players who where very “chaotic & loud” in gameplay terms i mean but there survival and stress track was only of 4 so i had trouble attacking them as most weapons only need too hit twice before they die. should i tell my players to maybe take armor or find with them a more appropriate archetype for this kind of gameplay ? or make NPC’s try to knock/capture the players more often ? any tip or suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

Apparently, the players wanted their characters to be more fragile, or they would have built them more resilient.
So kill them off. The next characters might be a bit tougher, or will be played less recklessly.

Try to talk to your players first about the discrepancy between their expectations playing and the characters they made… They probably didn’t get the point of the game, or the importance of Survival for their characters.

If they persist playing these characters in that loud way, don’t hesitate attacking them full might with your npcs. PCs are usually durable, since they can always reduce the damage to 1 after accepting a new Truth for their pcs.

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