Blank Character Cards

Looking to create my own characters, has anyone created/obtained a blank character card they are willing to share?

Very much enjoying this game so far, looking forward to the next wave.


Would love to be able to create a character with starting perks etc and gain more as campaign went on

Yeah me too, I’m hoping for a future supplement that deals with character creation but in the meantime I’ve come up with the following:

  1. Choose a path (Might/Shadow/Sorcery).
  2. 6 “points” to assign to health, stamina and magicka as you like.
  3. Choose 5 skills.
  4. All attributes start at 3, choose one attribute to be increased to 4.
  5. 13 septims to spend on equipment.

For the purposes of determining cost of adversaries your character is worth 50 + cost of equipment.

Every time your earn 5 VP you can either increase your H, S or M by one, increase an attribute by one, add a new skill or add a new perk. Increase cost of character by 5 septims for every increase.


This is such a awesome idea. I am sure they will develop a Role playing game for CTA like they did for FWW. So excited for this game. Just waiting for the email to say they are delivering to my address.

Would love to see the formula for how the costs are calculated. Then we could start creating custom characters now.

Devs - any chance of that?

I have a blank Hero Card in the PowerPoint file I created to make Custom Adversaries as well.

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I am making a Solo Campaign and I wanted to start the player off with a “base” Dragonborn from one of the Paths.

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