Character progression system

I don’t own the game but for what I understand there’s no real leveling up and character progression system, other than per-scenario. Is this true? Can you slowly level up in a campaign mode, gearing up your characters and learning new skills? Or is it all self-contained to a scenario, and each time you play a new one the progress resets?

The base game has a small campaign. The histories of the Empire book has a 20+ scenario campaign, complete return l with area control and bonuses based on who controls what on the map.

Thanks! I went ahead and bought the game. Still, I was hoping for some more detailed character and warband progression system, I see in their FAQ that it’s planned for a future release.

I’ve not been playing long, still getting to grips with the rules, but from what I’ve seen so far most of what you need is already in place and it’s easy to take inspiration from the console game.
Rough idea so far.
Make a blank character board and create a basic character. Set stats and maybe pick a starting path and keyword or two.
VP goes towards levelling up but more than once. Will have to figure out what makes for good level thresholds.
Level up → gain 1 health or magic or stamina and pick one perk for a skill you have or a new skill.
Your character’s septim value increases with level.

I’m also thinking of joining Call to Arms gameplay with the campaign stuff for 5 leagues to the Borderlands but set in Skyrim.


Those are cool ideas, thank you! I love 5 leagues, by the way.

Combining ES:CtA and 5 Leagues is a great idea, I think I’ll give that a try as well. Thanks! :smiley:

We have plans for character levelling.

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