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What do you guys think about the latest update?

Notable changes:

  • The addition of Block and Conceal qualities, for swords and knives respectively.
  • Powers now cost Mana to use, rather than Void points.
  • Bone Charms are now limited by your max Void points.
  • There is now a Poison focus.
  • Sokolov’s Elixir is now listed.

I’ve had a read through the majority of changes and i think overall the changes are positive.
I’m not sure how i feel about the removal of signature equipment for use in “a later product” but i still have the old PDF if i want to look at the non-finalised version of that mechanic.

Only things i would say i wish were included were perhaps some changes and clarifications to the Oil Trail and the inclusion of Dauds whalers in the NPC section. Obviously i can make my own but having them there would be helpful (Unless they are there and i somehow missed them)

But over all this update accomplishes what it set out to do which is update and clarify rules of the core game.

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I adore the changes. It’s also a pretty clean sweep on fixing all the confusing issues can remember.

Edit: Thought i found an issue. Isn’t.

On the whole I’m impressed with the update but I’m a little disappointed that armour hasn’t been addressed. When I emailed them a few weeks back I was told it would be. Here’s the actual query I had;

I’ve been reading through the rule book and can’t seem to wrap my head around armour. From the book it reads as if it should be simple but the more I read into it the more I become unsure. Whats everyone else’s take on this?

Page 88 - Armor pieces are simple in that they have a protection value that adds boxes to your
stress track. (seems simple enough)

Page 83 - Armor piercing: The weapon can overcome armor effectively, and targets
do not benefit from any truths/benefits that come from armor.

None of the armour descriptions seems to list benefits or truths beyond the extra stress boxes that they grant so what’s the benefit of an AP round? Am I missing something or is this an error? The increased stress boxes is a one-off increase so I can’t just say that an AP round ignores that since it may take 2 or 3 shots against some tougher targets

Armor Piercing, i do agree, is less than clear still. I believe the mentions of truths on armor and such is future proofing for if Modiphius or GMs add armors that give additional benifits. However as for what armor piercing does on a mundane set of armor… I pick off the ticks of the track AFTER the armor. Leave the armor ticks and start chipping away at the ones given by survive. Basically i read it as “when the last box is ticked, you go down.” Not “when all boxes are ticked.”

Edit: but my method isn’t explicitly stated. Its my interpretation.

The summary of Archetypes claims you get 2 Focuses, and 8 points to distribute. However every archetype says it gives you 4 focuses, and 11 points to distribute.

So far that’s the only thing I’ve run into that is potentially confusing in this version so far. That and a couple minor typos.

I’m geeked for the game, but even more so because they’re taking fan feedback to heart so readily.

EDIT: page 80 still has the old bone charm limit of 3 listed.

Also, the armor piercing thing is definitely unclear as written. I think I’m gonna use armor as separate boxes you can tick to absorb non-armor piercing damage. Kinda like how armor works on Blades in the Dark.

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I like the additions, and the new character options I felt it was better than the basic classes.
I miss the signature itens, but the rules wasn’t very clear to me.
But yeah, I agree with the armor, it’s not very clear.
And more npcs is always good, I miss some important characters like Paolo and Luka Abele, and Daud’s Assassin or the Butchers from Rothwild Slaughterhouse, that can have some interesting abilities.

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Hi, newbie to the forums here. Felt compelled to register to comment on some of the remaining confusions in the latest update.

While I appreciate all the updates we’re getting before press, I do feel some of the errors and typos could at least be remedied by running a spell check. The Oil Trail has a fair few typos still (goin on page 291, etc) and some inconsistencies in its character descriptions and actions. The limping man isn’t seen after “that night” in the confinement centre, for instance. And does one PC die in the whale explosion?

Someone else mentioned the difficulty in melee combat being 1 for combatants in an opposed situation. I’m using rule as written, which might end up with either or both combatant(s) scoring zero successes (a failure to sword) in their contested roll.

Ultimately, this is a game that is perhaps best enjoyed by fully and imaginatively embracing the truths system and the natural flow of momentum and chaos. The GM needs to fully leverage the generated chaos dice else the system won’t flow.

In the end, I’m stoked to play this and, as a huge fan of the video games, it’s a real treat to have what we have here, flaws and all.


So do you guys think that there soon will be next, big update with missing signature equipment and upgrades part?

I really enjoy the game! I really glad that extended options for protagonist creation appears. Personaly, basic rules work very well for me – i really like concept of quite weak players at the beggining, it fits very well to the dark, dangerous world of Dishonored. So i was thinking how adding choise of Outlook with only new talents, not stats modification, will work. And I am not sure – new talents really increase your opportunities but on the other hand some of them are seriously changing basic gameplay – for example Bilious’s Talent „Paranoia” which made the GM to spends one additional Chaos when he use Chaos to create an ambush or introduce additional foes or Circumspect’s „plans B, C, D” which allow you to gain momentum every time you fail in skill test. Starting first adventure with players with this talents may, in long perspective, change the balans of the game. So, in my opinion, probably it is better idea to stay with basic rules if you want to play with standard, not very powerfull company or add extended ones in proper time during the campain.