What to expect 2022

Can you reveale what we can expect for Fallout in 2022 ?


Probably nothing. On this forum (Modiphius Official Forum) is suspicious silence in that topic. It cannot be a good omen. :confused:

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Modiphius is notoriously tight lipped on what is coming up.

Especially at the moment since their current printing and shipping is all messed up.

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That hasn’t been my experience with Conan, Star Trek Adventures or John Carter upon initial release and for the first year. At this point it’s been 8 months since the initial release via pdf (IIRC) and there’s been nothing regarding even the Starter Set.

I’m a big, big fan of Modiphius’ games and even did Silvershield stuff in the before times but pretty much everything related to Fallout has been problematic.

While I do agree with you, I find that depending on the licencee, how much the publisher can tell about upcomming products varies a lot.

I would like a simple - “Yes, we are still working on the Starter Set. More info in the comming months.” But I will not hold my breath.

Maybe Bethesda is too busy preparing for the upcomming tv-series to devote resources to a “simple” roleplaying game. Not that I find that acceptable, but I would not be surprised. Follow the money.


We also just got a list, on the Dune forum, of future releases for that line. So they don’t seem to be that tight-lipped.

The list I had to track down from multiple dev comments including having a friend attend a panel at modcon, details of which haven’t been published anywhere? :wink:

Of that list I think only Agents of Dune has been officially talked about by Modiphius.

Info is out scsttered there, but certainly in the last couple of years Modiphius has been a lot more cautious.
It may have been different early on with STA and similar, but nowadays there seems to be much less information on future releases.

No, that is not the post I was referring to, though I have not been able to find the one I was talking about, so I’m not going to try to argue the matter without proof.

Fair enough.
There is certainly lots of little hints out there.

I sendt them a mail where I asked about 2. print of rulebook and releases of suplements this year. This was their reply:

*** There will be an errata that is coming soon. And there are planned released that are expected to be ready in Q2-Q3 of this year. Please keep an eye on our blog, forums and other social media platforms for any updates.***

Did not confirm a errata updated 2. print, but there are new stuff commeing :slight_smile:
This is great news right :slight_smile:


In the FOWW facebook group one of the managers(?) stated that they are much more cautious at announcing products these days. Apparently Chris (the boss) tended to be a bit loose lipped and revealed product that was not even close to ready or was uncertain if it would be produced. With the pandemic and supply chain issues they have to be doubly cautious as even product that is ready for print could slip months in the schedule.


Yeah, there are expansions for foww that are at Bethesda desk, waiting for final clearance nearly a year now (one of it was announced 2 years ago). So total understandable not to hype people


Green Ronin had the same issue with Dragon Age. People got really upset that it took /so/ long to get content out but they were stuck waiting on approvals from EA/Bioware. It’s just one of the dice rolls you make when licensing those kinds of products. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new Homeworld line is also very slow to roll out.