Future releases for the game

@Ethan Can you tell us something about future releases? Or maybe Fallout 2d20 TTRPG was ceased?

I would love to see a robot sourcebook. Not only new robots, but rules for the Mr. Handys out there. They perk list that applies to them is small, and I have questions about how some of the attributes might increase

They have mentioned a lathe adventure/ sourcebook in the works. I think it will include Protectron characters so you may get some of what you are asking for.

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Hello out there! Will there ever be any sort of GM screen for the Fallout 2d20 TTRPG? I find it odd that just about all the other rpg’s here have theirs, but not this game. I have the Fallout Wasteland Warfare screen, but that is not very helpful for the 2d20 version.

There are no plans for one and IIRC Modiphius plans to move away from the screen going forward as it’s an unnecessary barrier between players and the GM. Many folks still like them (I don’t personally) and there’s tons of instructions for making your own online.

What about Settlement rules? Settlements were a huge part of FO4, and resource management/scarcity is a big draw in apocalyptic games.

They havent fully revealed what settlement rules will be in this:

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Honestly I would love like Synth rules for players, earlier Fallout games settings, and like a speculative section of what information we do have and what could be going on in like England, Japan, Etc. Maybe a list of every bombed city?

Synths are coming in the book I linked above your post :slight_smile:

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I really hope we get to see an Intelligent Deathclaw origin at some point as well as some more classic creatures that don’t get a lot of love in modern Fallout media like the west coast Floaters and Wanamingo. The Wanderer’s Guide Book is a great start at filling out the game a bit more, hope we get more content like that.

They’re currently selling the Settler’s Guidebook in the store.