Scavenging Locations?

So in the Loot section it says:

“Each location contains a list of item categories,
accompanied by numbers. Each category lists
two numbers as X-Y. X is the minimum number of
rolls on the loot table for that item category. Y is
the maximum number of rolls on that table. This
will be explained in more depth later.”

Where is this list of locations, I can’t find it anywhere.

The Gamemaster’s Toolkit will have the rules for randomly generating locations.

There is no master list of locations. It’s up to the GM to populate their location with what they think makes sense (in a Fallout sense). If you’re looking for something that says “Hospital 0-3 Food, 3-6 Chems” and “Hunting Cabin 1-4 Food, 1-2 Weapons, 3-6 Ammo” then that’s not a thing nor do I expect it to be in the GM Kit.

No, in the errata it says:

P. 195 : The page reference to randomly generating locations now correctly references the Gamemaster’s Toolkit.

And so it does now. The rules for Locations will in the GM’s toolkit.

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Ah cool, thanks. Does anyone know if the GMs toolkit will be available outside the bundles?

I actually made a spreadsheet to automate looting, and created tables for that.


I dunno if it’s just me, but Multi-Tool seems overly common… Not gonna like 9 out of 10 rolls so far have included 1, if not more multi tools…

Would love to know if digital version of GM toolkit is available somewhere to people who bought GM bundle.

They’ve stated that it’s not available yet in one of the threads.

Does anyone actually know what’s in the GMs toolkit?

I think they mentioned something about random location generation and the travel/exploration rules (which were in the playtest and worked really well).

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I’m really hoping that it has travelling rules in the toolkit.

It will, they confirmed it in this thread

I love this, thank you so much.

This is incredibly useful, thank you.

This seems to be very useful. Do you happen to have a version that is updated to be more in line with what’s found in the DM Toolkit, though?

Afraid not. I don’t have the Toolkit