Question about scavenging

Reading the section on scavenging (Page 196), and I can’t wrap my head around something.

Example: The Sole Survivor is searching a ruined house
on the edge of Concord. It’s an Average location, and
Partly Searched, so it requires a difficulty 1 test and takes
30 minutes to search. Its Item listing is as follows: 1-2
Clothing, 2-4 Food, 1-3 Beverages, 2-6 Junk, 0-1 Weapon
(Ranged), 0-1 Ammo, 0-1 Chems.

Where is this Item Listing for locations? How are these numbers determined? The previous page says that each location has these numbers, but there’s no chart and no info on how to generate these numbers myself.

GM Toolkit.

Not available anywhere right now :S

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All of the scavenging charts and tables are also listed on the GM screen I created. Check Fallout 2d20 Reddit or the WGNR Discord for links to the free file.

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There’s also a Google sheet for automated looting : Public Copy of Automated Looting - Make Your Own Copy to Use - Google Sheets

You have the locations and ranges at the bottom

There’s info in the GM Toolkit which is…okay…nothing special. Really I just make it up based on what feels right. Just like generating treasure in D&D.