Rules to build a settlement fun by the players?

I realize something like this carries a lot of variables but will the gm tool kit (i got the table bundle) talk any about players digging in and rebuilding society? Details on how a GECK might work in the game ?

the idea is finding a good spot, use the GECK and center our story around constructing something to rival Diamond City. The GECK as far as I can determine in lore can do magical things like make buildings with sandcrete, filter water, create power, etc.

My group knows of a town that used one but every force in the commonwealth is after it. We are managing things but hope to see better rules set up to invest in, like upgrades for defenses and so on.

anyone else doing something similar?

I cobbled together Settlement rules from Conan: Exiles for use in our West March style game with specific improvements, population, morale, renown etc.

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