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New Settlement Stuff Coming

From Facebook

“Chris Birch There’s the homestead supplement coming which expands the settlement building rules and introduces persistent crews”

“Chris Birch it’s written just in a queue for layout then approvals. It was to be a boxed set but we’ve fast tracked it to a print and play edition so people could get their hands on it sooner”

“Chris Birch it would simply be the book, cards and I think some counters but currently we’re reviewing with world events whether a book with print and play components is more practical. If you buy the pdf you would get a discount on the later box set regardless”


Ooh, that sounds exciting!

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Yes please I’ve had to implement my own settlement rules to fill in gaps excited to see this is happening I also wonder if a proper sneak mechanic is being added.

Oh, now this sounds very interesting. Modiphius just keep the excellent products flowing. :slight_smile:

Any updates on when this might come out?