Any plans to expand settlement mode or similar?


I enjoy this game - primarily play battle mode, but would love to see more focus on a procedural campaign/expanded settlement mode. I’ve found the built in settlement mode feels more of an after thought than a core system. I’ve also tried to find the Settlement Deck but it doesn’t seem to be in print any more. Does Modiphius have any plans on expanding this mode into something a bit beefier? Or does the lack of a Settlement Deck reprint mean I should be looking elsewhere for that kind’ve experience? I like new minis as much as the next guy, but at this point I’m more interested in new systems and mechanics.

I also know some people will say to build it myself, or look to others to build it, etc., but I’m looking for something official.

They have a ‘Homestead’ expansion that will really expand the settlement mode, as well as persistent injuries, etc., but it seems to have unfortunately been stuck waiting for approval for nearly a year. I don’t think they have an eta on when it’ll get through yet

Same goes for the vault tec expansion sadly…

Really? Is there an official release describing what might be included in that?

I did find this, originally posted way back in April 2020:

Any chance Modiphius could give an update?

I think they were holding off the detailed descriptions for the build-up to realise, but there were a couple of blog posts (which I think you’ve found the main one), and then some FB posts. I was part of an online campaign that stopped in anticipation of realise after it was last announced as it seemed imminent (the organiser had scratch built a system this would have completely eclipsed), but it’s just been the very odd update that’s it’s held up for the last year.

Someone on FB recommended the new Outcasts Necromunda book as a good replacement, and along with the games persistent injury system seems to be really good. I’ve not had time to test it yet, but I suspect it’s the best option for now

Sorry, just realised you were quoting the FB post. Was it two years ago already?! There must have been another planned release after that one?

They’re “this” close to releasing the campaign/rules for Liberty Prime, so Bethesda’s got someone reading through the pile of submissions, I guess. Hopefully the Vault Tec and Settlement supplements will be released soon.
One thing Chris mentioned in a video or article was a defend the fort mode where you could buy turrets and other defenses for your settlement and have AI or another player attack it. I imagine tournaments could be done where you get extra points for modelling your structures.

Incorporating the Wasteland Warfare RPG into the skirmish game, especially the XP and leveling system could be done to flesh Settlement Mode out some more because earning 250 or 150 caps plus the items you find or loot is neat, but lacks a little.

We were running our Settlement campaign like a league, but when players drop out for reasons, it fizzles out and it’s not as fun to set up the table to play by yourself.