Fallout Wasteland Warfare Solo/Co-op RPG mode (with Settlement mode)

I recently posted about a beta version of a solo RPG mode I was developing to be used along with Settlement mode to be able to create characters like the RPG version, but able to play it Solo/Co-op using enemy AI and RNG for items, caps, XP gain, etc,. I’ve made a massive amount of changes to the system after playtesting it with some people and have produced a “Final” draft. This will definitely be in the works for a long time after playing more and refining it. But so far it’s a very good foundation for PCs being able to create characters, recruit companions, follow a campaign, and give their Settlement more purpose. And caps are MUCH more important as your Settlement doesn’t just give you free stuff (still SOME free stuff; but like FO4 even if you create a Weapons store, you aren’t getting those weapons for free).
Download the doc and tell me what you think. Again, I will constantly make changes based on feedback and playtesting. If you have any questions, just ask. Some of the rules are a little hard to explain, but with a few games under your belt you’ll get it no problem.
15 April 2024:
Adjusted item costs (fusion cores for power armor, ammo, cure addiction, heal RADs), and tried to make Sneaking more understandable. It can be complicated to read but after playing it a few times it becomes easier to understand. Also updated Persuasion and Intimidation attempts to say they may be done at the beginning of a scenario before the first round begins.

17 April 2024:
Implemented “ammo costs” as an optional mechanic within the game to add more immersion. If Ammo Cost rules are used, PCs can choose to shoot extra rounds during an attack to add a black die to the attack roll once/activation, with a -2 penalty to hit. Adjusted costs of ammo, and how ammo can be found during a scenario. Also, updated Character Upgrades by adding a +2 Sneak category (under AGI) as a possible upgrade to help with sneak rolls. Removed “Increase Presence range by 1 length”.


This is pretty awesome! I could see this leading to a pretty good episodic campaign.

My thoughts exactly. Ive already begun to write a 10-Scenario campaign based on these rules. I will post it once I’ve played it through.

I’m painting up models and terrain and will be through the summer. I live in a winery place and was looking to start a campaign for my kids. I did have a few questions, if you don’t mind.

Are Into the Wasteland and Homestead important here?

When you’ve played, what was the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. distribution used by your players? Did they utilize stealth?

Are you using the new or old armor rules?

Not a problem at all!

Into the Wasteland does not need to be used but i like using the rules from it when it comes to traveling to a quest objective. I use it as a continuity sort of thing to break up the Scenarios so it doesn’t seem like every scenario is right next to each other. And it makes it very easy to quickly create a scenario since Into The Wasteland is more or less a Scenario Generator. But again; totally not necessary. You can create your own scenarios just as easily. In my Scenario Campaign I will break down the Into the Wasteland rules (basics) so they can be implemented for the campaign.

Homestead: I use the basic Settlement Rules from the CRB. Haven’t tried out Homestead yet. With how much more complication and depth these RPG rules I’ve made add to the game, I didn’t want the Settlement side to be crazy complicated. Just a place to lay your head, do a bit of shopping, mod your weapons and armor, and heal up before heading out into the Wasteland again. It can also be your base of operations where you get some side quests (Another settlement needs yo- GUNSHOT).

PC stats: A couple of the guys I showed the game made their characters completely ridiculous, but it was super fun. One guy put 10 points into STR and END, 5 into PER, 1 INT, 1 CHA, 2 AGI, and 3 LUC. His character was a Melee powerhouse but could barely speak. Couldn’t even look at a lock or a computer, so he was useless for objectives involving any sort of Expertise skill (which all of my scenarios require). The other guy made the opposite: 2 STR, 6 PER, 5 END, 1 CHA, 10 INT, 3 AGI, 5 LUC. He was a computer genius, but AGAIN, could not open a lock or climb a wall.
Since both of their AGI stats were so terrible they could not sneak at all. My character’s base stats are:
5 STR, 4 PER, 6 END, 4 CHA, 4 INT, 6 AGI, 3 LUC. Pretty good at sneaking, decent health, but kinda garbage with ranged weapons and search skills. I’m now at level 8 and my stats have gone up a fair bit through upgrades: 6 STR, 4 PER, 7 END, 4 CHA, 4 INT, 6 AGI, 3 LUC, plus a Weapon specialty with Laser rifles (+2 to hit), Hacking (+2 Computers), Increased movement (red), Increased charge (green), and Toughness Perk (+1 Physical armor). Your character will definitely start out underpowered. You shouldn’t be a walking tank right off the hop. It’s fun to play scenarios where you’re not hitting every roll, and you’re scrambling to complete the objective in time. It makes the character progression much more satisfying.

Armor rules: I use the new armor rules for the PCs but the Legacy armor for all enemies for ease of building scenarios. I used the Wasteland Warfare app to create enemy forces and I have the “Legacy armor” setting on so that I dont need to individually equip enemy forces with armor each time. I also have the Unit cards of each enemy laid out so that I can quickly reference their skills/movement/armor values. Makes gameplay much smoother.

Hope that answers everything. Let me know if you have other questions!

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