Adding more RPG elements from the RPG expansion into the tabletop game


I haven’t purchased the RPG book yet mainly because I no longer have a group to play with. I play the tabletop game in solo mode, and I was wondering if it would be possible to add extra RPG elements to the standard campaign or settlement modes. Would it be viable to create a character sheet for each mini, have them level up, etc.? Or is it simply incompatible?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

You can always add to solo mode , just you’ll have to be careful not to Meta game

Actually that was my goal, I only play WW solo. if I had a DM things would be easier, but the reason why I enjoy WW is the AI, very well done. Being able to add an extra RPG on top of it, is just a dream come true.

So I finally bought the RPG expansion and while I wait for the physical copy I’ve been checking the PDF out. As I mentioned, my goal is to incorporate as many RPG elements into my solo WW games. I’m not sure how to incorporate things such as the Expertise skills though, most of them wouldn’t work without an Overseer.

As for XP, for now I’ve decided to grant 1 XP per kill, 1 for surviving and 1 for winning.


How about 1xp for any roll that defeats a problem for instance you manage to intimidate the guard into letting you in without paying or you manage to repair the Mr Handy unit who is now able to carry on his delivery mission

Well, since I’m simply adding a layer of RPG elements on top of the standard wargame, I don’t see how to implement things such as intimidation or those types of Expertise skills that would require an Overseer (DM) to be able to do properly. I’m sticking purely to combat and the other elements presented in WW, just trying to add leveling and as many details from the RPG expansion as possible, things that do not require an Overseer.

Ok, so I’ve started creating some simple rules to be able to use the RPG expansion with the base wargame. It’s simple stuff, and I would love to be able to implement the Expertise skills without requiring an Overseer, but for now this is what I have. I also tweaked the character sheet from the RPG to be used in the wargame.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Character creation

  • The player chooses any available unit card as a template for their unit.

  • The band must have one Leader.

  • A band can have a maximum of 4 Heroic units.

Experience and leveling up

  • Each unit gains 1 XP per kill, 1 XP for surviving, and 1 XP for winning the game.

  • Characters may spend XP in Perks (see page 30 of the RPG book for costs) or skills. Only one Perk or one skill may be purchased at a time.

  • Each point in a skill costs 2 XP. If the character doesn’t have the skill, he looses the -4 due to being unskilled upon purchasing it. The following purchases allow the character to earn 1 die of any type (as described on the character sheet), at the player’s discretion.

  • Perks which improve Attributes (i.e. Strong gives +1 Str) cost XP equal to the new attribute value minus 4 (a minimum of 1 XP). For example, increasing Str from 6 to 7 costs 7 – 4 = 3 XP.

  • Each Perk increases the model’s cap cost by its caps value. Each skill or skill upgrade increases the model’s cost by 5 caps.

  • Perks that affect the settlement are bought with caps, not XP.


If a unit is taken out of action during a battle, they must roll on the following table to determine their fate.

D10 Result
1 Dead. The model is dead! It can no longer be included in your band.
2 Convalescence. The model cannot be used in your next battle.
3-8 Full recovery. The model makes a full recovery and can be used in your next mission.
9-10 Hard knocks. The model makes a full recovery as described above, and gains 1 XP.
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This is the modified charsheet.

the model would get too powerful too quickly and this would punish forces which have cheaper troops while making the more expensive ones nigh unstoppable

I designed this with solo/coop mode in line, so I thought it would be fairly easy to balance the AI forces. You just add more troops, better equipped, and that should do the trick, don’t you think?

There is a powercreep inherent to any RPG, but I think in this case it should be easy to handle. But I may be wrong, so any ideas are more than welcome! How would you lessen the powercreep?

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Introduce a nemesis system - giving the AI a leader equally as powerful as the players?

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Yes, I think things balance themselves out because as your forces become more powerful, their caps cost increases as well. Then it’s only a matter of creating an opposing force of the same cost.

Even so, I am contemplating changing how much xp you get per fight, or increase some cost, so that the powercreep takes longer to, well, creep in.