Bonnie Springs Settlement mode: The full story

For those who don’t know, I post Fallout Wasteland Warfare content here and there on my blog (which you can find the link on my profile), as well as other wargaming content and stuff. Last year I played my first Settlement mode campaign set in Bonnie Springs from Fallout: New Vegas.

It was probably one of my most engaging wargaming sessions to date, playing a set of games to (re)build Bonnie Springs into an NCR controlled territory for recruits and trade (oh and tax, can’t forget about the money!:moneybag:). I even did a lot of narrative work to go alongside my Settlement mode campaign in a dated dairy format.

All my narrative lore was spread across several posts, thinking up a story was difficult at times when basing it off post battle results and the in between fiction that I had to make up. Whilst I enjoyed my original work, it had several issues that needed adjusting, as well as the fact that the story was spread out in several posts.

To resolve this I’ve created the full edited and complete story of the NCR Bonnie Springs story.

You can read it all here:
Fallout WW Bonnie Springs the complete story.pdf (460.2 KB)

All the battles that took place were based on my solo gaming sessions. You’d be suprised how a dog defeated a Brute!

There’s more to come, as this story was just the start of my own ongoing narrative story set in the Mojave Wasteland.

I hope you enjoy the story! :slight_smile:


Really cool stuff! Nice work.


Sorry to see that the settlement didn’t get to last, though!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’ve got another narrative campaign in progress, which will soon be wrapping up the first part of five or a sudden end.