Official Product Wishlist Part II

Have there been any products announced for 2024?

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Sort of.

There’s a printed product that had to be postponed to 2024 last year, it was originally announced for late fall iirc. Yet, this announcement dates back to August 2023 and you never know what gets in the way of production. :frowning:

Last count of “products currently in development” Jim gave us was 51 in June 2023, of which we havn’t seen, like, half.

So I think it is, at this point, rather safe to say there will be products in 2024, both printed and digital.

Don’t know whether Sloan lets @Modiphius-Jim tell us specifics.

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Yeah, 51 in June, ballooned to 62 by the fall, and is currently at 41 in active development or production. I just had my 2025 planning meeting, though, and a bunch of stuff was greenlit, so the number will go up once again. :smiley:

Assorted announcements are in the works. Stay tuned.

And, as always, save. that. latinum.


He’s not joking. Save it up.

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Reposting due to a mess up with replies.

What does “products” mean, though? Like, initially, it would sound like books etc, but that number has to be way too high to necessarily mean something that substantial. I can’t remember the release list for last year, but if the number has gone down (net) by 21, I’m not sure what it’s referring to. There was LD, TAS, a few of those Briefs, a couple of adventures? I’m struggling to make it up to 21?

Directly taken from Jim’s post in June:

So, 2023 began with the “Ancient Civilizations” Mission Briefs pack and ended with the “A House by Any Other Name” Standalone-Mission.

We had five new standalones:

  • Eight Layers Deep
  • Lurkers
  • A Piece of Qo’noS
  • Children of the Wolf
  • A House by Any Other Name

We had five new brief packs (all for free, btw):

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Lower Decks
  • Starfleet Academy
  • Dangers in Space
  • Cold War

We had two new crew packs:

  • Lower Decks Season 1
  • Lower Decks Season 2

We had three new supplements:

  • Lower Decks Campaign Guide
  • Captain’s Log (it’s a game in its own right yet SUPER useful for GMs, so I count it as a STA product, as well)
  • TAS supplement

This counts up to 15 products under Jim’s definition of “products in development” and I did not count in the ton of print-at-home miniatures’ STLs that were released in 2023. Most of them are “re-releases” of the printed miniatures that came with the original game launch, yet there were a few “alternate pose” minatures that could be counted as a separate product. Also, we had the “TOS Klingon Warrior”, “Jem’Hadar Soldier” and “Cardassian Soldier” STLs that were digital-only and definetly new releases.

That brings me to 18 (15 releases + 3 STL-only releases) plus maybe the “alternate pose” miniatures for new releases of 2023. Close enough to 21; also we do not know whether there were products that had to be cancelled for whatever reason.

Those were just the products RELEASED IN 2023. He also had other products in active development that won’t see the light of day until 2024. Probably a similar number of adventures and adventure brief packs, likely some crew packs because shows keep getting produced. I haven’t got the vaguest notion of what hard copy books might be coming out.

Active development is a nebulous term, but it’s not limited to “just the stuff released in this year.”

(I probably didn’t help out there, but I know a lot of people are going “What is this number he’s just pulling out of his butt here?” )

I just handwaved this little detail, as I also counted products in all 2023 against numbers from Jun/Aug 2023. :wink:

Self-explanatory, should it not be?

Anyway, while I do not have the most remote insight into production cycles at Modiphius (or the TTRPG industry, in general), I happen to have some limited insight into editorial/publishing works. Based on that, I would not be surprised if even such small products as Mission Briefs took a production cycle from pitch to release of at least half a year with experienced/recurring writers like Michael Dismuke or Al Spader who both have a name in this line. I’d expect a new author getting their pitch approved right on today not seeing the release before fall or even winter.

I shall not ask certain authors of certain crew packs who may or may not read this for details. :wink: :innocent:

So, naturally, the number of now 41 products (Jim really needs to accept some pitch today, 42 is the so much cooler number! :smiley: :wink: ) “in active development” will of course include everything from an accepted Mission Briefs pack pitch to a book greenlit for publishing with CBS or Paramount or whoever holds the IP right now.

By the way, since this is an Official Product Wishlist, I would wish, once again, for a more… verbose announcement policy. Not that I wouldn’t save my Latinum, I really do. Yet sometimes I’d be encouraged even a bit more to save it, If I had an idea what’s in development.
Didn’t the official STA timeline proceeded to a point where Sloan is dead, anyway? :innocent:

Since this is a wish list, I really wanted to express my desire for supplements about the Romulans, Cardassians, Andorians and Tellarites


Does anyone in Trek ever truly die? Sloan lives on somehow until we hear otherwise. :smiley:

In 2023, there were also 8 convention exclusive adventures developed and released. Plus a couple products meant to release in 2023 but were pushed to 2024 releases. I don’t consider them done until they hit distribution, though.

I just had a couple late 24 and 2025 products approved for development, though, so the number of works in progress climbs up once again. Never a slow moment!


Since this is a wish-list, I want to make a wish. :slight_smile:
I wish for an easy way, involving a reasonably small amount of Latinum, that converts “convention exclusive” to “convention specific”. :wink:

They can be for whatever convention you want to run games for us at. :slight_smile: I don’t think we’re likely to create a scenario for a specific convention. Making them venue-independent means we’ll get more use out of them.

But since this is a wishlist, maybe I shouldn’t respond so that I don’t crush anyone’s wishes…

[quote=“Linklite, post:308, topic:13015, full:true”]
Reposting due to a mess up with replies.

What does “products” mean, though? [/quote]

Product is anything we develop and release, either for sale or for free. Mission briefs, standalone adventures, new STLs, convention adventures, hardcover books, PDF releases, etc.

That being said, I didn’t include the old mini set STLs as releases. We had over 50 of those and I felt like that’d just be padding stats to include them. :smiley:

Oh, you’re crushing misunderstandings and there are only a few things more honourable than doing so. :wink:
So, please continue! :wink:

So, “convention exclusive” does not mean “you can only buy these exclusively at a specific convention, respecitvely” but it rather means “these are missions Modiphius hands out exclusively to GMs to run at conventions”?
If I now understood correctly: I indeed occasionally GM at conventions and would most of the time use the free Quickstarts of the games I ran. What’s the process to get hands on this… expanded repertoire? :wink:

I don’t know if anyone’s suggested these yet for the Star Trek Adventures line, but how about…

  • a sourcebook detailing alien species that received little (if any) exposure across the various Star Trek films, comics, games and TV series (i.e., Arcadian, Boslic, El-Aurian, Elaysian, Illyrian, Chakuun, Ariolo, Lurian, etc.), including rules on creating original playable species?

  • a time travel sourcebook in the vein of the All Our Yesterdays sourcebook for Last Unicorn Games’ own Star Trek Roleplaying Game?

  • a Star Trek Online sourcebook, including rules and stats for the various polities featured in the game (i.e., Tzenkethi, Elachi, Undine (Species 8472), Hur’q, Iconian, etc.)

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They’ve all been suggested, but the extra votes don’t hurt.

Ariolo and Arcadians are in the new Federation-Klingon war book on preorder now (as well as the Aenar, Betelgeusians, Megarites, and Coridanite).

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Creating original species is easy—decide on the attribute modifiers, define their species trait, make up or adapt two talents in the game to be the species talents.

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I am still hoping for some kind of sourcebook covering colonies, especially for campaigns to establish and develop a colony. I am aware that such a printed sourcebook might not sell well enough, but I could imagine that a PDF would work.

Interesting indeed! I would throw a considerable amount of Latinum on something along these lines!

Until then, @rust, have a look at the new Federation-Klingon War Tactical Campaign supplement that features a strategic layer for a campaign that can be a starter for a system on developing a colony. Adapting it will be a considerable amount of work, but it’s certainly doable. (I’m conducting a play-test right now in this forum, btw.)

Also, Dune’s “The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad” and Fallout’s “Settler’s Guide Book” cover this topic and, if you happen to own the books (or know someone who does) could be a start to develop your own system. Both games base on Modiphius’ 2d20 engine, so there should be enough common ground for compability.

Thank you very much.