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What city will you use for your game

I’m looking at three cities.

Peoria IL, New Orleans, New York City.


I will buy into Chicago, when the kickstarter starts and, as such it would be the basic direction of my campaign. I may have a campaign start outside of Chicago first (maybe New York) and then have the PCs move there as outsiders.

I’m not american, so I had considered London (where I have lived and worked before) and Wellington in NZ (near to where I live - and the location for WHat We Do In The Shadows, incidentally).

Great choices lie in Buenos Aires and Cartagena de Indias, terrible choices (however not for the reasons you’d think) in Panamá n San José.

I would love to use Los Angeles, and it seems that they may be preparing a L.A Sourcebook, so that would of course make me VERY happy !!

I’m using Manchester as I have a large amount of setting material I have researched for it for use in my long running Requiem game, which with a bit of playing about fits Masquerade quite well.

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I am considering placing the coterie in San Francisco, as I have set other game campaigns there before :blush:

I’ve used Los Angeles in a couple Vampire the Requiem games, so I think I’ll run New Orleans, using the old book and the updated information from Becketts Jyhad Diary.

I’ll probably use Barcelona since it is my hometown. There are several non-oficials and semioficial settings, and I have in mind to borrow/steal a few of them to make my own: it is usually regarded as a independent of cammie city, but i’ll use a camarilla city core and anarch industrial suburbs in a cold war stance.

Not sure how I’ll handle the Beckoning though, since I pictured it as a city with either really old vampires or quite new, product of having had a thousand raids and wars with Anarchs and Sabbath that acted as natural selection with only the strongest surviving. Actually I pictured the prince as a pre-roman pagan priestess, but she would have reasons to go to the middle east.


Etruscan blood?

Actually iberian, a local tribe that whorshiped both a male and female gods. It would be cool to link the female “mother goddess” equivalent to the bahari, but there’s a thin line between interesting and weird, I could easily end up with a bahari tal’mae’ra methuselah Lasombra.

Not completely nailed it down yet, but toying with the idea of a declining rust belt city. I’m interested in a setting where the population is shrinking, forcing Kindred to step on each others toes and argue over territory.

Chicago - born and bred there (Live in PHX now). Lived there when Vampire first came out. Did some LARPing with the Chicago Knights. The neat thing about Chicago is how compact “Downtown” is with suburbs literally blocks away. Dozens of museums, multiple zoos, an aquarium, dozens of colleges and university campuses.

If you are looking for a great locale, google Chicago limelight club :D.

A sort of alternate version of my hometown. Just add a few things here and there. I like playing in areas i know. And during my explorations i have found some great areas for story hooks.

Las Vegas, where I live, is perfect for a Vampire game!

Have people been watching the LA By Night show online?

I’ve found it entertaining - the actors are good, and it does illustrate how to play the game well.

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I have had a look, we should be getting one of the cast on the podcast for a chat soon, so if you’ve any questions around the show pass them along and I’ll see about some answers :slight_smile:

To answer the OP, I’m stuck between setting a game in my current home city (Nottingham) and somewhere more exotic. I tend to have different pulls from players with some liking the verisimilitude of familiar surroundings and others finding something close to home to be “too real” - with enough bad things happening in real life (without adding World of Darkness to it). As I generally run at conventions or online these days, I don’t think that’ll matter as much.

Try Edinburgh :slight_smile: - we have an undercity, castle, deprived areas, etc.


….and the writings of Irvine Welsh, of course, who provides some excellent themes and ideas for Edinbugh by Night.

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Plus the Edinburgh Festival… The New Town mortared with lime from quarries where witches were brunt at the stake.

If somebody developed an Edinburgh by Night sourcebook, I’d buy it. My character would be a Malkavian stand-up comedian doing the comedy festival.