I Accidentally Created a Monster, the Best Kind

So I used to play MET backing the day and ran home games for V2 and MET from around when I was 17 to when I was 24. Vampire was by far my favorite table top game. With V5 instated a local group in our local comic shop, which has a large upstairs they allow local groups to run games out of. Since the modest Playtest Game set in our small town, I opened a New York by Night game focused on rebuilding the Camarilla after the Fall, which led to a monthly spin off game of New York By Night: Anarch. Which led to one player running a weekly Chicago by Night game that has spun off and exists in the same continuity, shares some NPCs, and has tie ins via plot. Another player is planning a bi-weekly LA by night set in the same Continuity. There are also a CoD Changeling and Hunter Groups that intend to (if their games get updated) join us in our V5 local metaplot.

The role playing and development of their characters has been amazing to me! We often host guests to come see, and I’ve officially been hired as a Table Top consultant by the LCS to teach and help run other large organized table too events!


That’s awesome to hear!!