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Los Angeles by Night

I’ve been watching the series L.A. by Night on you tube and am really enjoying it. I was wondering if there has been any talk of releasing a book on L.A. in particular, maybe even highlighting the characters in the series?


There’s certainly been talk but at this point absolutely no confirmation. I know plenty of fans would want it.


I really hope so, with the popularity of the livestream it would be great to see it translate into a game supplement.

While I love the LA by Night, I’d prefer something akin to Chicago where it’s mostly a meaty big book about the city with NPCs, and then you could have a chronicle in the back with strong elements from the livestream. They certainly have enough subplots, but I would be curious to see what they put as the main focus story.


This is exactly what I’m hoping for. They could include the L.A. by Night characters and story arcs, but L.A. is a huge place, that is only one part of it. I’d love to see the characters from the stream fleshed out and see how they interact with the rest of the city as a whole.