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Chronicle seeking Storytellers

Hey guys, I am seeking Storytellers for my Chronicle, Unholy Alliance. We are using the New Orleans By Night setting, and play tabletop style sessions via Discord using a Voice Channel, Text Channels (IC and OOC) and a Dice Roller. We offer some limited RP between sessions via Discord, but are not a sim, with little to no PVP.

Here is the Discord if you want to take a look.

I am pretty happy with our current player population. All comers are welcome, doors :door: wide open, but I am not actively recruiting.

I AM trying to actively recruit a few more Storytellers who would be willing to work with me on the setting and schedule and run their own sessions. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please let me know.

I’d like to have more options for players and a bit more infrastructure before we start actively growing the community.

Ideally, Storytellers should have some experience with both running tabletop RPGs and familiarity with the World of Darkness. However, I am willing to work with anyone willing to put in the work and research.

Fair warning, it is a mixed Chronicle, allowing characters from most of the White Wolf games. However, we are flexible and manage it well, and haven’t had any problems. No need to be more than basically familiar with the different games, and I can help with any questions. We tend to go rules lite and focus on the story, frowning on munchkinism and rules lawyering.

Anyway, feel free to come check us out or contact me.

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I am currently running sessions at approximately 10pm CST on Tuesday nights, and am looking to offer our players other options for game sessions.

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We are playing tonight (Tuesday) at 10pm CST. Anyone who wants to check us out is more than welcome to drop by our Discord.

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Thank uuuuu

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I am running on Tuesday Night 10pm CST, but we have some new Storytellers coming in so I will keep you posted.