Wasteland Warfare App

A place to discuss the new app.

My first concern is the is micro transaction model. $32 (us or pounds? App is unclear) to rebuy all the cards feels steep. Especially when there is so much cross faction play you really need everything to play.

Instead could we move the purchase model to functionality of the app itself? Charge for settlement tracking, for access to the event deck when tracking a battle, or for a random loot table for searches.

This encourages list building for new players so they go out and get the model they need, or veteran players find something new to fine tune their lists.

A product that makes a complicated game more accessible to new players really would help us grow our local communities of players.

Just my two cents, as always you guys rock!


I feel pretty much the same. I think the app is pretty useless at the moment, because I’m not going to buy card packs for cards I already have, which basically means buying everything.

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I would disagree personally, I feel it makes more sense to charge for cards (personally speaking, most people I know who play the game, myself included, don’t have a good chunk of the cards). Those cost money to buy anyway, while things like settlement mode are free, so it makes sense to keep them free for the app.

Just my thoughts anyway :slight_smile: I realise that if you were someone who’d been able to buy all of the available card packs already, then it would annoying to get them in the app.

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I want to be clear. I 100% expect to pay for something like this, i just think the game and the app will be much better for letting you have the cards and pay for using them.

This game has SO much table clutter and SO many upgrade cards paying for the ability to simplify would feel much better and be a more rewarding feeling purchase than re-buying cards you can print for free off their website.

Getting a new player to figure out the mess of PDFs to teach them different things about the game is hard. Giving them an app with it all easy to access can only help grow the game with new players.

Ok I paid a hefty sum for the game… now I have to pay AGAIN for digital cards which are pretty much nothing just an image and few lines? I’ll give it 1 star right away

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I’m not quite sure I follow. As you say, the game has a lot of clutter already without having to deal with printed cards, digital ones on an app are much easier to deal with. The card packs in the app are also a lot cheaper than the physical cards, so it’s a really good deal on getting the cards it seems.

After all, you only have to buy the cards for the models you want to play with, and then you can use those models with whatever game mode and in app support you want. If you have to pay for using them, then you can’t reduce the cost by just getting the card packs you want

Essentially, I want to be able to use the models I have, in whatever game mode I want. To me, it seems to therefore be a much better deal to only have to buy the card packs I need and then use them for free, than have to pay to be able to use the few cards I’ve got (there’s no point getting extra card packs, since I don’t have the models for them). Hopefully that explains it :slight_smile:

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You still have to buy wave cards to use quests, perks, creatures and other draw mechanics. You can’t do it in the app.


Its a choice of design. Already there are a few people in the thread unhappy with the idea of ‘rebuying’ a thing they already own or can access for free through PDF. Instead of framing the purchase through the sale of cards, sell ways to use the cards in a way you cant physically.

Let the customer have the cards and list building to encourage teaching, or impulse purchasing of product but gate tracking a game the damage or status effects behind a paywall. Gate card decks of items or quests that you would have to organize and shuffle for scenario play. Heck gate the scenarios.

Design choices that make a product fee like a convince over price gouging are proven to sell better. People want to feel good when they buy.

Think to other moble games and where you spent your money. What methods made you feel the best when buying a non physical product.

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I didn’t realise at first that there is no actual charge processed for the packs during the beta…

Now realising that, I’m happy to have the opportunity to see if the app proves to be essential enough to warrant the in-App purchase of the cards upon release.

Ah ok, I understand where you’re coming from now :slight_smile: I still don’t personally agree though.

For me, I would feel good paying for the cards, because they’re heavily discounted compared to the physical cards, and come with the advantages of the apps features.

I wouldn’t feel good paying for things like features that make book keeping easier, as those are essential to the apps function and I have no option to just pick the packs I want like with the cards. As for scenarios, I’d feel really bad paying for them, since they’re available as free pdfs but, unlike the cards, have little to no extra functionality in the app.

It’s possible we’re seeing this from the lenses of different cohorts when it comes to app usage though. You’re looking at it from the lense of someone who, based on your comments, plays mobile games and uses other apps with in app purchases. For me, I’m a big tabletop and computer gamer, but I’ve never really enjoyed mobile games, and never bothered with apps that needed in app purchases before :slight_smile:

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To be clear, that’s only the case for iOS, because the App Store works differently from the Google Play Store. The net effect is that on iOS you get the packs for free during beta (although you still have to go through the motions of buying them), but once the app goes live you will lose them and have to buy them for real. On Android, you buy them during beta but keep the purchase once the app goes live. I know this sucks for those of you who are on Android, but it’s nothing that I can change unfortunately.

… I should probably introduce myself. Hi folks! I’m Jamie, the guy who built the app you’re now (hopefully) enjoying. You can reach me directly with feedback at fallout@maloric.com or on Twitter (@maloric85), but I’m also keeping an eye on this post so feel free to continue discussing here.

The good news is that we’ve been listening to feedback. An update just rolled out overnight that adds a new discounted Wave 1 bundle to make it a little more palatable for those of you rebuying cards. Once the official announcement goes out I will be issuing a full refund on Google Play to all of you who have purchased any of the Wave 1 packs separately.

I’m also rolling out a couple of bug fixes as I write this - if you notice that in the newest version the purchases page isn’t showing up purchases you already made, I’m aware of the issue. For now you can use the “Restore Purchases” button to verify what you own. The new version will be available later today (depending on the approval time in Google Play and the App Store) but if you want to check, the version number is 0.1.18 (I really ought to make that visible in the app…)

Anyway, I’d better stop gassing and get back to it. Keep the feedback rolling in, my friends, it’s great to hear that people actually find this thing useful!


Looking forward to seeing how it progresses! :slight_smile:

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I echo the concern about having to pay again for cards, and think that if there isn’t a free digital copy once you’ve bought the physical version, it should at lest be heavily discounted.

This can also add to the frustration for those of us who got in at the start, but didn’t quite pick up everything before the cards moved to being put in packs. That means if I want some AI cards, I now have to buy a pack even though I have almost all of them, and now I have to buy another pack to use on here. Won’t be a problem for those coming in in the future though.

It looks amazing though! I’m only just getting familiar with, but seems to be really user friendly too.

I must be doing something wrong, or missing something though as in the battle tracker I cant seem to get any of the models to show as being killed, regardless of how many wounds I put on the?

Thanks for the feedback Ace! Stoke me a clipper, I’ll be back for Christmas!

For AI cards, they are already included in the purchase, just that the app calculates AI actions for you. Try going to any unit’s detail screen in battle mode, and you’ll see a “Get AI Action” button that works out the action based on the unit’s health and any other relevant conditions.

As for removing a unit or marking them as dead, you can swipe to delete a unit manually (something I should make more obvious based on feedback) but otherwise it doesn’t do anything “special” when the unit reaches 0 health. It’s on my roadmap though.

And for other cards that aren’t currently included, all I can say is that things like events, item deck etc. will eventually be added to the app, free of charge. The only way app development will be funded is through card packs, meaning new functionality won’t cost you a penny. While we were going through the sign off process before release, a number of features were added that might otherwise have been “premium”, such as automated AI actions, sharing forces via QR code, the settlement tracker etc.

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What a guy :wink:

Thanks for the reply. I get what you about the cards, and I also understand the need to make the app financially sustainable, I don’t think it addresses my issue though. I don’t think there’s anyway to fairly address it without a better discount for those who have already own the cards, and to have that going forward if you buy the physical copies. However, I don’t think anyone would want to see the app’s future hindered in anyway, so I guess it’s just something a lot of us will have to take on the chin

Regardless, I’m really interested to see where it goes as you’ve done a really good job already! :slight_smile:

App looks great, glad there is now an official one! One comment on settlement mode: it looks like buildings are always refunded at full price. Unless I am mistaken, they should be refunded at half price between edits. This is the reason that my settlement app had an ‘edit’ mode in the first place, which yours seems to have as well :slight_smile:

Right ive paid for the updated get all for one price.
Problem: I seem unable to add say hammer or master mutant into my army builder, keeps saying I have to purchase card ?
I notice there is a fair sized chunk of cards unavailable that I have figures and cards for. I guess this will be resolved or am I missing something?

I’ll take a look into the purchase issue now. As for other units - the aim is to add them all in eventually. We decided to release into beta without them so that users could get some value out of the app now rather than wait any longer.

Problem solved and is currently processing in Google Play and the App Store. The new version number is 0.1.20, which you can confirm in the bottom of the right hand menu. It should become available sometime overnight.

Sorry for missing this one folks, and thanks for bringing it to my attention @S7k. Keep the bug reports and feedback coming. I’ll catch up on them in the morning, but for now I need to sleep :wink: