Strange new worlds is finally out

Yep. Actually my favorite episode so far.


La’an is my spirit animal.


Do you like to play bad cop for fun?

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the R’ongovians, the idea of a culture who embraces radical empathy and opposite position taking before doing stuff is interesting, especially when they end up mimicking their diplomatic counterparts… which we can extrapolate as an interesting cultural trait,… something like cultural mimicry would be super useful in the federation and would make R’ongovians great managers, therapists, and diplomats.

Which is reminiscent of early beta-canon on the Bolians…

I am enjoying SNW through ep 7… but the transporter antics are a huge verisimilitude issue for me… especially since they’d have made a lot of TNG, DS9, and TOS eps different…

I respect the things being done with T’Pring and Spock.

I like the new Chapel, but find her incompatible with TOS Chapel. TOS she’s a good solid nurse… but not much more. SNW’s chapel borders on action hero, is clearly a post-graduate degree holder, seems to be a nurse-practitioner, and is much more a practice partner to M’benga, than the subservient original. (TMP even calls out McCoy’s reservations about Christine Chapel gaining an MD degree…)

IMO, It’s definitely the best trek in the 21st C so far, but it really feels as much a reboot to me as JJTrek did. (I’d put Prodigy #2, Disco #3, LD 4th,) It’s got a great tone, compelling Ensemble, and so far, good stories. And better, mirroring Seth McFarlane’s formula: lots of continuity, but stand alone A-plots, Good humor, likeable and imperfect and diverse main cast.

So sad that the scorch in the scavenger hunt / enterprise bingo is a retcon. One of my more diehard trek players pointed out that the front quarter of the saucer section was obliterated in a discovery episode so they would have had to replace that entire section with new hull plates.

I’m good with the retcon. Always saving a particular part sounds fun and much better that not having said part.

Also unless we saw that particular tiny section who knows, maybe it is the same. Etc etc.

I like this show. Not as much as Discovery (I LOVE this show!), but it’s good.
I’m kind of obsessed with Captain Pike’s surreal haircut.
My only complaint is: are the writers allowed to evolve their characters, or are they prisoners of TOS?
I would love for them to forge their own, divergent path, but I don’t think that’s possible

The showrunners have been noted for saying they’re not worrying about TOS minutia…

Hence Chapel acting like a ANP. Spock and T’Pring having a bond established as adults…

From Chrissie’s Transcript Sites (

KIRK: Marriage party? You said T’Pring was your wife.
SPOCK: By our parents’ arrangement. A ceremony while we were but seven years of age. Less than a marriage but more than a betrothal. One touches the other in order to feel each other’s thoughts. In this way our minds were locked together, so that at the proper time, we would both be drawn to Koon-ut-kal-if-fee.

The bond being forged as adults? And being breakable? those are not consistent with TOS…
… then again child-betrothal has changed appearance from merely backward to utterly abhorrent.

Well, up until now they did not include anything which contradicts TOS.

This week’s episode is interesting. Not going to spoil it, but it’s a TNG-feel for me this week…

To me SNW is an iconic Trek show as any. I love Pike and Una Chin-Riley. I have trouble reconciling Chapel and Uhura with their TOS-selves, but I enjoy both characters immensly. La’an and Ortega are fun. I like the stories (episode 6 was my least favorite so far), and look forward to more episodes.

For the record, I love Discovery to no end. This show was very positive in all ways that matter to me. Especially during season 3 when positivity was much needed.

Basically, I love most of the shows.

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The talent “Walking Encyclopedia” is most likely to fit (I think), but the following also give some extra foci, either at creation or in the moment. Some are, of course, very specific, or somewhat narrower in scope than what I think you meant; there are also other talents that give extra foci, but they are specific to department.

Admiral (role)
Did The Reading
Expanded Program (Hologram)
Joined (Trill)
Natural Coordinator
Well-traveled (Klingon House)
Widely Traveled
Visit Every Star

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