Strange new worlds is finally out

Wow, the show is just amazingly beautiful, … I love the little touches that flesh out the new Enterprise… for instance, the fact medical has an emergency transporter is actually pretty smart… (Although I will question why its upright and not sideways) Crew accommodations on a constitution are pretty swanky too… Also the characters are pretty fun! What are y’alls thoughts on SNW and a post disco season 2 early TOS era game?


I LOVE the new show. Its three episodes in (don’t worry, no spoilers) and I absoutely am addicted to it, and its brought back my love of Star Trek. (Needless to say neither Picard or Discovery did anything for me.)

There is just something so good and wholesome about the show. The scenes. The characters. The events. So good.

Also yeah, the ship is fantastic and I love the design of the bridge, crew quarters, and other such elements.

Actually, we got to see average crew quarters in the 3rd episode and its interesting.

Its a super fun period and I think there is a lot of potential.

Oh and I can’t wait till we learn more about Number One (being said after the third epsiode focus on her).

I feel you… although I kind of love Discovery too, it’s just a different Star Trek than we are used to. Picard, well I’m not a fan, mostly because it bums me out. It started so strong, and there were some great moments, but I just found it … too sad especially given the state of the current world. Having said that… its just a personal preference and I don’t think any of the new Treks are anything less than awesome. I think SNW is working well, but the briskness of the scripts could become an issue at some point. Like I see them branching out from episode of the week to a couple of episode arcs. All 3 episodes shown so far have been really tight, fast paced and interesting. I particularly liked children of the comet, because it was a story I haven’t really seen in Trek before. I’ll admit, the plot for this weeks Ghosts of Illyria is in every Star Trek series, (sometimes multiple times) the 2 big character bombshells absolutely redeemed the plot for me, proving that good writing can make even an old familiar idea interesting.

The third episode had a number of great moments to me. Honestly all three episodes so far have had elements that made me go “oh I want to talk about that!”

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Though we don’t get SNW over here in the UK until next month at least. :sob:

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In epsidoe 3, the elements of the Doctor’s daughter, the species of Number One, the nature of augments in the Federation (also the note La’an is not an augment is interesting), and the fact that all those who learned were fine with it is brilliant to me.

Also I super want to see rules for Number One’s race cause I want to play such a species. hehe

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Thanks CountThalim

I could have sworn La’an was an augment…as for the Illyrians I think they were in Enterprise… but a quick review of BCholmes says they aren’t in any of the published races…

So I don’t exactly what to make a thread just for this question - but do you (or anyone really) know of a talent that is like “expert in basically everything”. I had an image of a character who basically has basically traveled around the various departments and such, a sort of jack-of-all-trades when it comes to scientific and operational fields.


  • yeah, I agree. I really thought they were going to go with the augmented route for her, due to her name, but they did the switch and made Number One special.

I don’t undesrtand the Federation’s stance on aliens conducting genetic modifications. Vulcans are stronger. Another race might be smarter. Why is it out of acceptable range for a humanoid species to improve themselves. This should not be a block on Federation membership.

Phrases that I was not expecting to read today. Huh.


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Hey when your a super fast reference of books I don’t yet own … :slight_smile:

But seriously Im not sure you know how much we in the community appreciate the work you put into the character generator BC… its an amazing tool and a phenomenal reference…

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Sounds like the old traveller JOAT skill. There really isnt one for STA … but you could probably make one… id make it a focus personally

The Illyrians WERE in Ent… but they looked different.

While I am loving it, I’ll note that the tech paradigm (what they can do with their tech) isn’t a good match to TOS/TAS nor even early TNG…

They’ve done more …


Transporter Tricks (Eps 1, 2, and 3)
Illegal genetics (Ep 1)
fancy maneuvers with the ships (Ep 2)

I’m liking the new version of Chapel, but she’s not feeling at all like the same character as in TOS.
I’ thrilled to see Dr. M’benga… but he’s a commander, so why is LtCdr McCoy the CMO later?

I’ll be honest - this feels more like a reboot universe than a prime universe. Not as over the top as the Kelvinverse, but still, just too much “Why didn’t this show up in TNG/DS9/VOY/LD, too?”

Yeah on the tech, that’s my one issue. But that is what you get when you come off of Discovery and how they screwed up so much with what was possible during the period. They reduced some of the elements of the previous show and so I’m fine with it here. But yeah, I agree, they are a bit more advanced then in TOS. The Transporter stuff especially.

I dunno, I think the tech is fine, We have to remember that when those shows were made the idea of having a powerful computer you could hold in your hands was a super pipe dream. Also, folks idea of the future is more… futuristic now, either the showrunners had to update some stuff or the tech lag was just gonna get more and more absurd as the shows went on. (remember the stacks of PADs people used to have on TNG and DS9? heck even LD makes fun of that…)

It’s easier to just go, yeah lets ignore that and move on than to be critical of it. Or to think of the earlier series as a galaxy quest version of “historical documents”.


That’s exactly how I feel too. I think she’s fantastic. As is Uhura. And Spock, too. But I cannot see any way to go from the versions of them SNW is showing us, to the people we see in TOS.

The thing I’m keeping in mind is that both Chapel and Uhura were mostly relegated to very limited, supporting, “gender-traditional” roles in most TOS episodes, and we didn’t really learn all that much about them or a lot of other characters during that series. The portrayals from the 1960s would be unacceptable in 2022, and because we have so much uncharted territory in those characters, I’m willing to give the writers and actors a lot of freedom with them.


Yeah. Much like they’ve dispensed with Pike’s weird 1960’s attitudes about “women on the bridge”, I think it’s valuable giving Chapel more character than just “has an unrequited crush on Spock” and “is very helpful at handing the doctor a medical instrument.”

Although it occurs to me that, canonically, Roger Korby goes missing two years from this first season. It’ll be interesting to see if the show introduces that character.



@BobtheSkull You’re right about Chapel in TOS…
but not Uhura,

She was shown to be both self-assured, strong willed, and outspoken… hints of being friends with Spock (Esp. their performance of Beyond Antares). When accused of being a “Fair Maiden,” her response is one of the deepest one-liners… “Thank-you, Neither!”
Mirror Mirror also shows her to be savvy, capable of rather amusing manipulation, and a force to be reckoned with carefully. Her Post-mindwipe recovery (TOS: The Changeling) is also indicative of exceptional intellect.

The writers and producers pushed her almost as far as a female character could be without being a starring one.

Uhura is one of the most fully realized secondary cast; in game terms, she may or may not be a PC, but if not, she’s fully fleshed out as a SCC,


I have to say that I am quite impressed with SNW, and it really has brought back the excitement for all things Trek for me. :slight_smile:

Regarding the Tech, I see it as if TOS were done today, it would look very much like SNW. We’ve had so many advances in the technology we deal with every day that it would naturally look more like current tech advanced a couple hundred years. For a RW example of this, look at the interior of the SpaceX Dragon capsule compared to the Apollo or even the more recent Space Shuttle interiors.

Overall, I think SNW (and Discovery) has taken modern tech/design and carried it into the 24th (and beyond) centuries. YMMV though. :slight_smile:


I hope that at one point there will be odd dialog lines between Una, nurse Chapel and perhaps also the computer
R.I.P Majel Barrett Roddenberry