The Orville on Fox

Anyone been watching The Orville?

Love to see an unofficial STA conversion.

That’s all I have seen so far… Also gave me the idea to have (in my campaign) a space-based dimensional rift where the Orville comes through and interacts with my characters… Either they’ll fight them, or have to figure out a way to send them back… The stats for the ship on that page would make it easier on me having to figure it out for myself.

Good start. Just need a few more species and you could start a Union Campaign

Then you’d be playing Orville, not Star Trek. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Orville IS Star Trek with the numbers filed off, more mature storylines, and some humor thrown in😉

I have been watching the Orville, and wondering if discussion on it would be squashed or not on these forums so that’s why I didn’t really start a thread yet myself. I mean it is basically what Seth M would have made if CBS accepted his proposals for a new Trek tv series, but they didn’t green light so we have this show, and I love it.


I can’t see much in the way of inspiration for gaming you could get from the Orville that you couldn’t get from other Trek episodes, other than setting.

But then again I have some problems with details of the setting like… Moclan society would technically be all female because the definition of females is “of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs” since Moclans lay eggs, they’re all female. They just also have very masculine morphology.

Or the silly ideas about super-gravity species like the Xelayan.

If you don’t mind John Carter of Mars level sillyness in that sense then it could be opened up to a lot more fun stuff.

Orville is not too far off topic, so this is cool. I don’ t want to see 97 Orville threads, but one or two is fine. Of course, it goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyway), that there is little likelyhood of anything official being made.

I disagree. Orville is Orville. It may be ‘inspired’ by Star Trek, but that doesn’t mean it is Star Trek.


I’d love to see some of this, but as long as it’s limited to Sky in the UK, it’s outside my price range :frowning:

Just for the record, I’m fine with discussion threads on this - providing nobody brings the Orville vs Discovery debate into the room.

Let’s keep it civil, folks!

I guess I do see it as Trek, its basically the show that Seth pitched to CBS that was his idea for a new Trek series, so its more than ‘inspired’ by Trek, it would have been Trek if Les Moonves had more faith in the brand and sci-fi in general when he was in charge.

I really loved the first season, but be a little bit disappointed by some of the story in season two:
Alara lost her strength (still not sure how this should happen), this could have been a great story arc. But they just replace her with a “clone”! I mean same race, same sex, same age! So Alara was only useful with her body strength, and without it, call for the next one?

Atrophy of muscle tissue and bone in low- and zero-gravity is a real-world problem - Astronauts on the International Space Station have an intensive exercise regime and limited mission duration to minimise the effects, and need considerable recovery time after returning to Earth.

So, it’s entirely possible for Alara - who is living in a low-gravity environment relative to her species norms - to suffer some atrophy as a result.

Because, presumably, the departure of the actress was a relatively late change in production (I believe due to a scheduling conflict with other work, and a negotiated departure with the producers), and they still had stories that included the character, which the writers didn’t have sufficient time to alter.

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Ok, sorry I forgot this! Could be an interesting aspect also for STA: longtime gravity changes, too.
Then maybe characters from lower gravity could get complications, too?

Maybe I was to harshly, but imo the change could have been more interesting.
Talking with several fans here in Germany, many of them feel it the same way:
Alara was replaced with a “clone”, because the writers had no better ideas.

I’ve been watching both “The Orville” and “Discovery” and enjoying both. I could see The Orville as being a lighter-in-tone Star Trek (TNG era) show. The ship itself sort of resembles Voyager to a degree.

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Convert away! I doubt Modiphius is in line for the rights to produce the material, but one never knows.

I think , it was at end of S2E07 (in which the Moclan engineer ended before a judge, because he prefers female sex partners), where Ed and Kelly had the following conversation:
Ed: “The more I learn about the Moclan, the more I think our differences go right to the core about our values.”
Kelly: “I agree, but the Union needs them!”
Ed: “But how long could an alliance last with a culture like this?”
I think I heard nothing like ever in TOS, but not sure about any of TNG series.

And come: season 2 starts right with a Bang! The Orville has to change course, because Bortus has to use the bathroom!
Now think about a deep space explorer with a crew of up to 300 Moclan! If it ever leave the orbit?

Having to return to an alien crewmate’s home so they can perform a normal bodily function (which they only perform rarely and with a special ritual) is clearly a play on Amok Time, the first episode of season 2 of TOS, and the concept of pon farr.


Say what you will, but MacFarlane is clearly one of us.


I do think pondering the time left for moclan/union alliance sounds like threads in TNG of klingon/federation aliance being weak and the moral differences being too great to bear. Certainly is an interesting thread. I wonder if the Trek show Seth M was pitching would have been set after Voyager.

Wow! :astonished:
Do you know all episodes of all series?
I am a fan of Voyager, but not sure, if I am would be able to say the correct order of the episodes with the correct title!