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Is it "kosher" to May the Forth in Star Trek Adventures?

Like the title says …

Is it allowed to homage STAR WARS in STAR TREK or is that “crossing the streams” too much?

In a galaxy with any number of unknown alien species and their mythologies, not to mention holosuites that I’m sure could adapt entertainment from the late 20th century? You tell us…

I hope the RP-Police does not visit me, for playing Star Trek today :wink:


Mumble something about wormholes and tachyon particles then do whatever you want.


I wouldn’t want to Force it. :rofl:

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If anyone cares …

I treated STAR WARS as an “in world” piece of fiction. (And the Holo Deck was my friend for this. :wink: )


That’s maybe the best solution. Can you please tell us what happened?



Star Wars is in a galaxy far far away :stuck_out_tongue:

… until Disney buys ViaComCBS

“Interested in helping out a girl in trouble?”

The players assumed the roles of residents of a backwater planet, where they are asked to help a stranded Rebel pilot recover her crashed ship so that she can blast off from that rough-and-tumble world and get on with some sensitive business.

But in the process, they needed to elude Imperial Law Enforcement, Navigate rocky canyon mazes, Deal with a Twi’lek bounty hunter, and Overcome a band of fringe-dwelling raiders.

Unsurprisingly, the PCs still took more “thoughtful” (and less violent) solutions then is typical in STAR WARS.

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you’d be in good company

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