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Star Trek Adventures scenarios

Origionally posted to the old forum by [themaskofromek]

Okay so it would appear that the playtest is over so what now?
Personally I intend to keep running my Lexington campaign till the first print run of the game becomes available in August ish.

The purpose of this thread is for GMS to share their scenarios for whatever era they prefer.

I’ll get the ball rolling with a TOS adventure I knocked up the other week.

Do Mudd Droids Dream of Electric Sheep

FYI I have started a Facebook page for this topic to make life simpler.


I am after a scenario that would suit Cadets in the Academy, based around a Environmental Crisis, does anyone have any examples I can have a look at?

The whales rescued in STIV are kidnapped by a collector of rare animals at the same time as the probe from the movie returns to check on their progress. It punishes the planet with adverse weather conditions until the whales are rescued. Perhaps they were taken by Kivas Fajo from the episode “The Most Toys” who has recently escaped prison and is starting up a new collection.

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Good idea, ill have a think about this one :slight_smile: