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Dail Colony... An introductory adventure for 1-2 players

Continuing the discussion from Star Trek Adventures scenarios:

I ran into the situation where I needed an episode for only one or two players… and everything I have is for the normal group of 3-6. So I decided to create a one-off episode in the theme of “Lieutenant Able is returning from a conference, and receives a distress call”.

The main purpose was to use this as an introduction for a person who wasn’t sure about role playing or Star Trek (Turns out I tested it with 2 people… one of each)… and it made for a great experience to show the STA system (to the non-gamer), and demonstrate how things are in Starfleet (to the non-Trekker).

As I can’t quite figure out how to imbed a link, I’ll just put the link to this adventure “Dail Colony” here: