Star Trek: Lower Decks Cartoon

While I am willing to give the Lower Decks cartoon a chance, after watching the Pilot, that chance won’t last more than a couple more episodes. If I wanted the Rick and Morty dynamic, I would’ve sat down and watched episodes with my kids again. As it is, right now, they would have done better if they would have gone the same route as the original Star Trek animated series. But that’s me. I’m sure there will be a lot of people who love the show. To each their own.

Watch the second episode - it is much, much worse than the first one. - They will have to put extra effort into the third episode to make that even more awful than the second one.

And I thought STD was the pinnacle of Mary Sue writing, but Lower Decks even beats that easily.

Outside of roleplaying games and re-runs of the old series Star Trek is on its deathbed, it seems.

For me the trailers were enough! I am not a fan of this kind of show. But if this kind of show attracts fans, well, then it was a good idea.

Well gosh, I was getting nostalgic for TAS, went to netflix and it is no longer streaming there here in the USA. Darn. I already wasn’t paying for CBS all access because I don’t much care about the new shows, but now I can’t watch TAS on netflix like I could a couple months ago, sadness.

Not necessarily. I’ve had a player in a D&D game that came into it by way of Rick & Morty vs. D&D or whatever…

That was two painful sessions too many for me.

What happened?

Just to throw out an alternative viewpoint: I’ve enjoyed it more than I expected. To be clear, I don’t think it’s high art, and I don’t think it’s my favourite of any of the modern Treks, but it’s cute in a way I didn’t expect.

I worried that the humour was going to be puerile (that’s one of the factors that made me bounce off of the Orville pretty hard), but I’m happy that they’re finding the humour in the characters instead. And the episodes are filled with wonderful little Trek shout-outs (the Vendorian in particular made me grin).

It’s cute, and I’ll keep watching it.



After three episodes already, there is one thing sorely lacking: humor.
And, of course, another thing missing entirely: Star Trek.

It is as if an alien species that does not have any concept of humor tried and failed at making a comedy series.
And it is as if someone who thoroughly hates Star Trek down to the core tries to give his warped, stunted and mutilated vision of Star Trek some - poorly drawn - form.

A sad affair.

I’m sorry you folks feel this way. I’ve only seen episode 1 so far - thanks to it being accidentally made international on Youtube for a couple of hours - and I absolutely loved it. I laughed out loud at the monster chewing on the warp nacelle in the opening credits and kept laughing pretty much non stop all the way through. I don’t know when I’ll be able to see the rest of the show but I can’t wait.


Obviously, we disagree.

Good news! You don’t have to watch it.



It really does not matter if you like it or not. It is Star Trek. It is canon. And Star Trek is big enough for all kind of stories.

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In my personal “canon”, Lower Decks is kind of like a Holodeck Series you can watch/play. This is my excuse for it being canon but not really.

And ironically, it has the best esthetic of any of the new Star Trek shows. Ships and species are recognizable, which is apparently a hard thing to achieve.


I’ve enjoyed all three episodes. More so than Rick and Morty or Solar Opposites, which I find to be very clever but overly mean. Lower Decks is certainly goofy but I think that is the point. Like what you like and don’t like what you don’t like. You and everyone else are entitled to your feelings.


If, like me, you’re champing at the bit for proper merchandise (ie toys), then I’ve made these to tide us over. grab your glue and scissors and download:


One of the minor beauties of this show is it shows canonical evidence of characters with…shall we say, less-than-normal hair coloring. And, more importantly for my wife, Starfleet support of same. Her character’s hair color changes every episode, but she was worried that turquoise or violet would be seen as too extreme.

If Brad “Time for a new stick” Boimler can have purple hair and nobody bats an eye, then so can Andromeda Wolfe.


That is cool and fun.

Also: from now on, I plan to sing the blast shield song every time we launch a shuttle in our game.



I can honestly say, after watching the most recent episode, to say I am disappointed would be a gross understatement. I cringe at the influence it may have on future Star Trek offerings. I actually watched it with my kids, who were big fans of Rick and Morty, and even they didn’t like it. To quote my oldest: “It’s like they’re making Star Trek for stupid people.You don’t do stuff like this for Star Trek.”

That said, for those that enjoy it, enjoy. I gave the show a try. It’s not for me and thankfully, not even my kids enjoy it.

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In essence, aren’t you just impuning that those of us who disagree with you by liking the show are stupid people?

Get off your high horse, already. You’ve already told us you don’t like it. Just stop.



I went into it expecting a fairly broad animated comedy set in Starfleet. I got a fairly broad animated comedy set in Starfleet. I made sure my wife (who is a huge Trekkie, especially TOS and who despises Discovery to the nth degree) knew that this wasn’t an animated Star Trek show and she enjoys it as a result.

It’s not meant to be an animated Trek series or even a Trek like series with humor (like The Orville which remains the best Trek series produced in the last few years) but a flat out and deliberate comedy. Yes some folks may not find it funny but humor (like horror) is probably the most subjective genre out there.

I really don’t think that that’s what he meant.