Animated Series suppliment

So I am enjoying the TAS series suppliment and thought it merited discussion.

On page 5, Kirk’s “Mean Right Hook” says that the vicious 1 stress effect is applied above, but it isn’t.

While I appreciate the joke about certain things written in character being redacted for security reasons (such as Arex’s commentary on page 19), I don’t want it redacted from me, the reader. Perhaps a footnote would allow the reader to know but the joke about temporal redaction to remain.

Both of the small craft listed are good and fun additions to the game.

It’s a bit suprising being reminded of some of the wierd stuff in TAS “Those Aged Scientists”.

On page 45, the Orion “Orchid” class, the “Capabilities” paragraph says that it is armed with photon torpedoes, but the stats next to it does not agree.

I’ve put some thought into statting out Harry Mudd, I made a FASA writeup for him when I found the existing one inadequate after his appearances in discovery. He’s a bit tricky to represent in STAdventures. The “Android profiency” talent goes a long way to fitting his mode of technical skills. I’d have lowered his Conn and raised his Engineering by one each. He pilots a ship frequently, but equally frequently runs into trouble piloting that he can’t get himself out of alone. The “Recidivist” talent as written is a bit silly. Instead of being immediately released, I’d phrase it so that it happens between adventures.

Page 49, thank you for using the footnote to allow us the information while still referencing Tempral Investegation’s redaction. That’s what I meant above.

I love the “Giant” trait for Spock2. A complication increase for manipulating normal sized equipment would seem in order.

That’s a lot of creatures for a suppliment of this size. They had a lot of creatures in TAS.