Lower Decks! Lower Decks! Lower Decks!

Very pleased to be bringing Lower Decks into the STA family!


Very cool! Lurkers looks appropriately hilarious.

I was about to ask whether I should save some latinum for something, this year. Little did I know.

Sensors are reading maximum levels of excitement. Wheeeeh!!! :heart_eyes:

I was incredibly hyped to see this news pop up in my inbox yesterday! Lower Decks has been such a wonderful surprise, being both hilarious and proper Trek at the same time. I can’t wait to get my hands on the campaign guide! :smile:

@Modiphius-Jim Using Mariner’s special talent – it does essentially mean that I can ignore certain escalation costs, right?

I think the text is clear. If you have some examples to share to clarify your question, fire away.

For example: Is it correct that Mariner, using her talent, could obtain a Bat’leth and a Mek’leth for a total cost of two Momentum, provided that she is aboard the Cerritos?

That would be correct.

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So I would ignore the escalation costs that would normally occur. Thank you very much for the clarification. I was not sure.

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I wonder if there will be some lower decks (without caps) rules for people on lower decks in other Star Trek series. I got a syndicalist janitor in my game as a support character who is regularly incarnated by players that surely like such additions.

There is a “lower decks” style of play in at least one book (I think core?). What sort of mechanical rules would you want for that type of game?

I remember asking for some additional roles, including “team member”-roles, below the head of department, hierarchially speaking. It’s been so long ago I didn’t even find the posting here. And it was turned down by either Nathan or Jim (don’t remember 'cause I managed to not take it personally :wink: ). And two or three years later we got the Player’s Guide with a bunch of roles.

On that note: For the Janitor, I would rewrite either the Administrator Role in the Player’s Guide or Mariner’s unique talent in the LD Crew Season 1 writeup.

I, for myself, really hope for some advice on how to run a game with a command crew present but not participating. The group I play in is kind of a lower decks style campaign (with the characters’ positions, not the humour) and the “we have to ask those up the ladder for this decision”-stuff surely slows down the game, occasionally. “They’re busy and say you should take the decision yourself” isn’t gonna make it every time. :wink:

We don’t really discuss specific series, but do discuss the lower decks experience in Starfleet and other polities (which likely didn’t change all that much across the eras of play). Lower decks be lower deckin’.

We got you, fam. Discussions about that are in the campaign guide. :slight_smile:


I honestly would have been surprised, big time, if it weren’t. You’re (all team) keeping up a level of quality of your releases that is simply amazing. :heart_eyes:

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At Bek and Call, No decks lower than B’rel lower decks.


I just got the Lower Decks Character Pack earlier today and modified my fanmade write-up of the California class accordingly. The Cory Belote-style starship sheet is available for download here and my fanmade write-up of the California class is available for download here. Yeah, my fanmade write-up will be obsolete in a few months once the Lower Decks Campaign Guide is published, but that’s the price I pay for my devotion (such as it is! :stuck_out_tongue: ) to Star Trek Adventures.

And at least the Cali’s starship sheet’s write-in fields can be changed to fit with Modiphius’ soon-to-published official stats so people can still use that even after the Lower Decks Campaign Guide is published. :smiley:

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I’m interested in who the eight new playable species are going to be. Pakleds and Tamarians seem like a good bet, possibly Exocomps since Peanut Hamper is in the character pack as supporting character.

I’m hoping for the Kzinti, but I remember during a product update video (the one where they announced the Tricorder set, Gamemaster’s/Player’s guide, as well the Discovery and Picard supplements) someone asked if they would have the chance to use Saurians as playable characters, but didn’t have the rights to the use them (then the first Discovery campaign guide came out and they were able to get the rights to use them). I don’t know if they are in a similar situation and what other species they don’t have the rights to?

I would be surprised if these three were missing. I do, also, hope for Kzinti, yet am recalling that rights issues date back to their inclusion into TAS.

I’d go for sentient Dolphins as one of the remaining five and at least an avian species (be it Meeglemo’s species or the Areore) as a second. Not sure whether Drookmani would serve well as a complete species writeup, but I would expect at least the occasional thug as an antagonist.

Y’all need to get on the Modiphius Discord. Modiphius Official

I hosted an AMA on April 13 and teased all 8 playable species. :wink:

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Is this “discord”-thing cool? Cooler than this forums?!

In the meantime, I’d add this TAS-originating species with detachable body-parts to my list of speculations regarding the new playable species. What’s their name again…? googles Ah, well, Pandronians. Thanks, Memory Alpha! :heart_eyes: