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Star Trek Paper Miniature Maker browser app

I used the gearing button and used the hide details option. You need to be at a certain level of rights, see your badges in your profile (you just have to earn badges, do what is asked and a bot will send you a message where you will learn what you can do)

Do you have an idea on what quarter you are thinking this might be done?

Could future edits include EVA suit(s)? Maybe just as an overlay to give an EVA version of your character?

I’m afraid not. I’ve barely started looking at version 3 yet. I don’t have any kind of plan other than I’ll look at it when I’m in the mood.

I’ve actually got the Enterprise EVA suits drawn up. They were going to go in a long time ago but I got sidetracked with other uniforms instead. They’re definitely on the list of things to do.


Oh that would be soooo cool as an option. Can I put a hand up for the First contact Suits too?

Most definitely. If I do them, all eras will have their own EVA suits (if they had them)

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Got it. Thank you.

Quite simply superb thank you Wayne

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@Wayne_Peters Thank your for your awesome browser app.
i used it quit often for our STA Sessions.

Here are some examples of my characters currently in use.

another one…

My Suggestion for future Updates: Section 31 Uniform and the battle uniforms from DS9

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The tool freezes at some point of loading (roughly 60%), and reloading doesn’t help anymore
I have read this, maybe it could help…

Please help, I have 7 new support characters to add
Silly question, is a off-line version possible?

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I know you have made it with unity but have you thought about html5?

Hmm. For me it stopped at around 30% but reloading the page worked (In Chrome on Windows 10).

It has been quite a while since I did a build, though. I’ll try and find some time to do a build in the latest version of Unity.

Also I’ll try disabling the compression as per that link to see if it fixes the freezing issue (it’s been present pretty much since day one, sadly). The whole app is not that big so hopefully it won’t slow things down noticeably.

I’ve built it in Unity because that’s what I know. I’d love to try it in HTML 5 but only if it was a straight conversion. I just don’t have time to learn an entirely new language and system.

the day after my post my internet was broken. It was an internet problem on my side (hope the link was helpful ). Sorry for the false alarm.

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Hi folks, I got the okay from Wayne to post this. Modiphius is looking to develop token sets for virtual tabletops and for fan use, and the more we discuss it internally, the more our ideal looks something like Wayne’s mini maker. We’ve talked with Wayne and are looking for someone with programming skills and ability to work with us to develop a revised version. I’m entertaining serious inquiries only and won’t discuss particulars here.

If you have the time, skllls, and knowledge to want to work on this with us, email me direct at jim.johnson at and we’ll discuss with you and Wayne and the other folks at Modiphius (and eventually CBS) to determine what is possible. Thanks so much!


Has there been any development/movement with this idea, Jim?

I have sent my resume, still waiting for an answer (even a no sorry could be good)

Got lost in the shuffle of work. Hoping to circle back to it in Q1 22.

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Shuffle Galileo?