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Star Trek Paper Miniature Maker browser app

Originality posted to the old site by [WaynePeters]

Hello folks.

Some of you will be old enough to remember an old web page I made where you could make Star Trek paper miniatures by dragging the separate components on to a figure at the top of the page. That site has long since become defunct and I finally expunged it from existence a while ago. Since then I have been working ■■■■■■■ a far superior replacement.

You can find the Marvellous Mechanical Star Trek Mini Maker 2.0 here:

It currently works in Chrome and Firefox. Apparently IE doesn’t support the unity web player, though Edge will. I’ve not tested it in Safari.
It can take up to about a minute and a half to load in but there is usually a loading bar to keep you appraised of progress.

It’s pretty self explanatory to use, I think.


Q: Are you going to include…?
A: YES! Eventually.

Q: Where’s the bloody print function!?
A: There isn’t one, sorry. Neither is there a Load/Save function. I’m afraid that’s a tad out of my league just yet but I definitely want to include a print function as well as a save/load one at some point. I’m afraid for now you’ll have to use Print Screen or the Snips app in Windows and paste in to an art package of your choice.

Q: Why can’t I resize the screen?
A: The resolution is fixed so that the images when screen-capped are around 32mm tall at 300 dpi. That means you will need a monitor resolution large enough to view the work area - which I think most folk will. I’ll look into resizing options later on.

Q: Why are some parts of the uniforms grey instead of black.
A: I try to avoid colours that are too dark as they print even darker and can make the black outline indistinguishable, effectively turning the figure in to a silhouette. For this reason some colours are a little brighter than they should be too.


Good to see that this made it over from the old site!

I wouldn’t leavevrhus one out. It’s very important to me

Hi folks, I just popped in to copy this over and I see Steve’s already done it. Cheers, Steve.
Also, a couple of people have asked recently if it’s still a going concern and I wanted to reassure you all that whilst there hasn’t been an update in a while, the app is still live and will definitely continue to be for the forseeable future.
I do plan on updating it at some point but time has been very very scarce of late so I’ve not been able to. I’ve actually got a whole bunch of Enterprise content that is currently half finished and sitting in PDFs on my HD so I hope to get that up at some point. I’m itching to do TOS Mirror universe too :smiley: Ah, if only there were 48 hours in a day.


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Our forum wouldn’t be rhe same without your mini maker.

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Good to see you around Wayne. And, of course I’d be remiss if I did not request my standard ask; Klingons!

Yeah, 48 hours in the day… Sigh, although that would result in something like an average 40 yr life span? Heh…

Regardless, glad to hear that the app is still being supported and even developed (if slowly)…


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This app is so much fun… and my players love creating something that strikes them as what they envision their character to be (We’ve been using darker Denobulans for Klingons… at the size they are, it certainly works). But I would love to be able to do some adversaries like Romulans, et al.

Wayne has many plans for this ap, unfortunately, he does this for love of the game and the community so real life gets in his way.

The Unity Web GL Player wouldn’t load, recently. Am I the only one encountering this?

And also: Is there anything one can do to help with the programme? I really like playing around with it but I also really miss e.g. Klingons. :slight_smile:

Works fine for me. I hacked a few Klingons here:


same here.