STA Project Manager taking Q&A through new intake form

Nope. I’ll get to it when I can. I know you had like 50 questions, Phounix. :slight_smile:

Great question to add to the queue!

@Modiphius-Jim would it help to crowd-source some of or all the questions? Maybe in a separate thread?

Not really, but thanks. Most of the questions are things no one on the planet but me or Nathan are likely to know the answer to.

Hey Jim! I saw the video… great work! My question got answered last… lol! As far as new product dates… maybe a static board that has dates dynamically changing. That way you won’t be pestered about product releases. just a thought.


New update video is available. If you’re bored enough to listen to me ramble for 45 minutes or so, check it out. :slight_smile:


live long and prosper

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Thank you for the update! Regarding the campaignbook: I was about to ask the same question as Chris. I am glad to hear that the LC missions will included. This just fits perfectly with my plans for my group!

I compiled this for myself, yet thought it might be useful for everyone.

Table of Contents for Q/A Video of July 2021
Timestamp Topic
3:20 Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide
5:30 Tricorder Set
7:15 Sloan of 31 silencing Jim
8:10 Start of Q&A
8:45 Newer Trek Series (LOD, PIC, DIS, etc.): No licence for LOD, PDG, SNW
9:55 Use of Threat / Momentum
12:20 Long Term Campaigns
14:55 Adventures & Talents/Species Indexes
17:45 Miniature Reprints
19:35 Custom Miniatures I
20:15 VTT Partnerships
21:00 Klingon Character/Ship Creator
22:05 Talents in Character Packs
24:00 Design Contests
25:30 Tosk Shroud
27:30 Languages Known to Characters
29:45 Foci
30:45 Living Campaign Adventures in the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide
32:20 Sneak Attacks
33:05 Learning a Klingon’s Reputation
34:20 Custom Miniatures II
34:50 Breen Weapons & Power Drain
35:55 STA staff’s preferred baked goods
36:40 Shield of Tomorrow / Clear Skies Content
37:50 Small PDF Products
40:05 System Damage (Klingon Core Rulebook)
41:15 More Spaceframes
42:30 Optimal Weapons’ Range in Personal Combat
43:30 Primitive and/or Improvised Weapons
44:55 End Credits

Verry important questions:

  • Do you (Modiphius) are hunting for the Lower Decks Licence.
  • Is there a possibility to get the same “Player character benefits” for Romulans as für Klingons and Cardassians?
  • Are more Lifepath for charakter generation planned?
  • Are more species planned, I am missing Saurians or will they be in the Disco content
  • And as allways, I am verry sorry Jim but you will here that from me until Sol dies, do we get more Ships?

Add those to the form on the link, thanks. :slight_smile:

And if I’ve answered a question already in previous updates, no need to ask it again.

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I’m not entirely sure to what you’re referring, here. Which “Player Character benefits” do Klingons and Cardassians share…?!

A full set of Charakter speciffic Talents.

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Aye, aye, Sir.

Re: Scott’s question about Klingon support for the character generator, I’ve submitted some pull requests to the original developer, but the pull requests haven’t been approved yet.

Edit: I’ve added a subdomain on my web site, where I’ve uploaded a copy of the current app. I think it supports the Klingon character generation process, but produces a final character sheet in the standard STA look-and-feel.


@Modiphius-Jim Any hope this isn’t discontinued?

Haven’t gotten new questions on the form in a while. Note that there’s an official Discord with a rules queries section, may transition over to that.

Sooooo… I’ve submittet about half a Phounix worth of questions via EMail. Should they be re-submitted via the form? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, or post them to the Discord rules queries channel.