STA panel at Shore Leave 2021

The annual Shore Leave convention was last weekend, and I hosted a STA panel along with Star Trek writers and STA alums Dayton Ward, Scott Pearson, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Derek Tyler Attico, and Christopher Bennett.

Talked about current and upcoming releases and writing the game. Check it out.


For those that are interested:

  • at least 8 more Mission Brief Packs in production (~9:30)
  • Shackleton Expanse Campaign Setting final cover preview, final layout preview; Shackleton Expanse hitting the stores in Fall '21, with 312 pages (~11:00)
  • Tricorder Set hitting the stores in Fall '21, special Kirk tunic green dice might be sold separately (~15:30) - something you’re probably interested in, @PGoodman13?
  • some words on further products (~18:00)
  • at the moment, 42 or 43 prodcuts in some stage of development (~56:30)

I’m SO saving my Latinum… :slight_smile:

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I am so hyped about the Shackleton Expanse Campaign Setting, This one is a must have for me. I intended to wait for German editions, but this one will be the first to nullify this intention.
I really enjoy STA! And it seams we are looking at a great future for STA! Great work!


Same! And very excited to see how hefty the Shackleton Expanse book will be. Sounds like there’s going to be a huge amount of material in there, so can’t wait for release.


Oh, the tricorder set is already a given for me, even if it wasn’t loaded with shiny math rocks… (They’re killing me with the dice, BTW.)


Is that 42-43 products across all of Modiphus’s product lines or just for Star Trek Adventures?

Just STA! That’s the extent of my program management. :slight_smile: I’d have to guess Modiphius has 150+ products in the works across all the active and forthcoming lines.


Wow, well done! Getting that much product is quite an impressive and wallet-endangering feat!

And 150+ for all lines! Oh what adventures await!
I for one eagerly await the crossover Conan the Helmsman

If that’s the case, I wanna see a sword duel between Conan the Helmsman and Sulu the swordsman.

My money is on Sulu.