What's next for Star Trek RPG

Given that Modiphius policy has been to “announce to Qx of year y, postpone with or without notice and release as a surprise”, I fear we won’t get more than in March or December: Tricorder and Shackleton scheduled for Q3 2021 (meaning: within the next 14 weeks), DIS and PIC updates upcoming.

Just for the records, @Modiphius-Jim claimed to work on 38 products in some form of active development. That’s some many lights to count. This possibly does not include the Q/A update(s) for May and June. :slight_smile:

So, benevolent line manager, I’d like to buy one obtain-information-spend with Threat that you may spend on complications as you like and ask: What’s the next release date for STA on products @mattcapiche and me (and probably some more, while we’re at it) can hype on? :wink:

Even the quadrant books and division books were a bit of a glut–IIRC, some of them came out on top of each other and we had wanted them spaced out more. Covid and international shipping issues have delayed a lot of stuff. Expect another glut in Q3 and Q4 this year. Been telling y’all to save your latinum. :slight_smile:

I can say tricorder preorder coming soon, new dice sets coming soon, and the Klingon GM screen finally (FINALLY) about to reach US shores for distribution.

Lots more to discuss when the timing is right (i.e., once all the products and marketing pieces are in place).


The update is, as always, appreciated


Brilliant! The excitement remains alive. Bring on the glut!

Should have taken note of this subject considerably earlier, but, while I’ve got interest in pretty much everything attached to Star Trek on a conceptual basis, I’ve got to back up NervePinch the big one-ten. The Tricorder set would be, indeed, the first item I’d like to see developed and offered for retail purchase, and I sure as hell want to see rules, settings and options that deal purely with Original Series settings and constructs. Everything following that, from our group’s perspective, is purely a, “Well, we’ll see about including it,” consideration.


Guess you’re in luck then, since the tricorder set is in the works. :slight_smile:


It’s at moments like this that I have the urge to do the Howard Beale, “I have seen the face of God,” from the conclusion of Network, but that’d be getting a touch blasphemous. i’ll just take a deep breath and pass on my most sincere thanks and hopes that the Tricorder set will be ready for distribution in the Ontario, Canada, region sometime next week…what’s that you say? Probably some considerably longer waiting period than that? Sigh. FINE. I’ll wait…maybe use the interim to write my magnum opus on the RPG industry, Waiting for Tricordot

All right, that’s enough foolishness on my part. In all seriousness, my thanks, Modiphius_Jim, and looking forward very much to the Tricorder set, as well as the Klingon game screen, dice, and whatever else Modiphius has on the burner for Star Trek Adventures. Hope to see some results of the gang’s work soon.


You’re killing me with the dice sets, Jim…

Waiting for Tricordot” OMFG, that’s classic. One day, I’ll try to memorize and recite Lucky’s monologue…but that will have to come after I’ve finished learning the Major General’s Song.

Me, I’m waiting for The Shackleton Expansodot.


How soon will get any news on new stuff for Star Trek Adventures?

As @Modiphius-Jim said about a week ago,

Expect another glut in Q3 and Q4 this year. Been telling y’all to save your latinum. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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New standalone and new mission briefs pack released yesterday.


Around 5:30 in the Klingon Dice and Klingon Gamemaster Toolkit Unboxing Video on YouTube our benevolent line manager @Modiphius-Jim linked here in this forum, he mentions an upcoming Mission Brief Pack revolving around Starbases.

Love for those playing on a Starbase is something that was missing, a bit, so I’m very excited!


Would have to agree, MisterX. While the variety of mission, change of scene and ongoing cast of “guest stars” with a starship-based game has, is, and probably always will be the core of the Star Trek experience with our crew, having the option of a starbase experience, be it single-mission or long-term arc, is always a welcome option. Looking forward to this aspect of game development as well.


I would look forward to a Mission Brief Pack for stations! My crew’s starship is assigned to a starbase so I hope I could play some missions on the station.


In the STA Panel on Shore Leave 2021, @Modiphius-Jim showed some preview content of upcoming products. :slight_smile:

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I second that emotion.

I’m cool with The Next Generation TV series, but everything after that mostly leaves me cold. The older I get the more I enjoy the original show and, for an RPG setting, how it leaves so much unsaid and undefined that you can fill in the blanks based on your personal tastes as long as you don’t outright contradict anything clearly presented onscreen.

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Any update on a release date for the Tricorder set?

And any of thebother fun and new things?

Not yet. Soon, though.

When will the Shakleton Expanse book be available for sale on Amazon, so I can afford it? (With S&H fees, it jumps the price up to nearly a $100 hundred US Dollars.)

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