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PanO Sourcebook

The PanO Sourcebook is up in the backerkit! If you have a chance to read through let us know what you think!

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Liking it so far! I noticed an inconsistency, though: All the TAGs are listed with a passenger capacity of 1 despite what the Remote Presence entry at the start of the gear section says, and they are definitely described as not having any life support equipment/room for a pilot.

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I can think of a few evil kidnap ideas - it might not need a pilot… but still have capacity to carry a passenger.


For backers, can those of us who didn’t get a brief rundown of what’s in the book?

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there is military orders and specialist classes?

There are Careers for seven Knightly Orders (or rather: one career for knights, with elective skills separated by order):

  • Knights Hospitaller, Knights of Montesa, Knights of Santiago, Teutonic Order, Knights of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Knights of Calatrava, Dominicans (Black Friars)

There is also a Career for Order Sergeants. Some of the other very panoceanic Careers include Croc Man, Fusilier, several Careers connected to Maya and finally Priest. And of course there are Careers specific to Helots, who are described extensively (seriously, it’s informative and a great read).

Was there ever a final version of the PanO sourcebook? The last I found in the Backerkit is preview v4.

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No, there isn’t a (published) final version. I guess they’ll release it once the book is printed.

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Any news about the release date of the book ?

Should be any time now. I got mine as a backer last week.

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Did you? Cool. Time to check my spam trap for the confirmation that the finalised .pdf is downloadable (digital backer here).

Doesn’t look like the finalised PanO pdf has made it to DriveThruRPG yet.

On Backerkit there is still only the preview v4 of the PanO book downloadable.

Where did you get your final version from?

It came in the mail.

Thought that might be the answer. Hope that the final version goes up on Backerkit and Kickstarter’s DriveThruRPG soon.

I got my dead tree edition yesterday, but still no news about the pdf version.

Just seen an announcement email that the print Haqqislam and Ariadna sourcebooks are now publicly available, and that print PanO will be available in May.

Hope that means that us digital backers will get our PanO .pdfs soon!

I’ve dropped Modiphius support a line asking if there’s any timeline for the PDF’s availability (or a known glitch causing a delay), so once I hear something, I’ll let you folk know! Looking forward to it.

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Still nothing heard. Come on, Modiphius!

(To be strictly accurate, the email was acknowledged, and then copied on to someone else, but that’s still a ‘nothing heard’ outcome with regard to the question.)

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Same here. If I get an answer I’ll post here about it.

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