PanO Sourcebook

And still nothing heard from Modiphius support on this, so I’ve prodded them again.

Hey, @Modiphius-Bill, have you heard anything? It’s fine if it’s that some edits and additional bookmarking are required before the finalised .pdf is released, but it would be nice to know! Ta!

I’ve an “unnoficial” answer, but it did not point to a delay due to editing or bookmarking. Alledgely, the new pdf editions were uploaded to the backerkit, but to the wrong subfolder (which I really doubt, because I took the time to inspect all subfolders). And, supposedly, the person responsible for that was already alerted to the mistake and should, by now, have created a new subfolder. But it’s not there. Maybe there’s some technical problems with the backerkit site. I can’t thing of anything else that’s reasonable…

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Thanks @MigRib. I’ve heard back from support this morning - apparently Wave 2 was pushed to DTRPG last week, but it’s still not showing for me in the ‘Infinity PDF Collection’ product. They’re ostensibly checking what’s going on.

(The Backerkit folders are a complete mess, though, so maybe it was uploaded to a Backerkit folder that the backers don’t actually have access to. The state of the Backerkit folders, and inconsistency of version numbering, was one of the reasons I switched to using DTRPG to manage mine.)

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There’s a way to switch from Backerkit to DTRPG?

I also didn’t know about that.

The “Infinity PDF Collection” product on DTRPG should, as I understand it, be available to those who backed the ‘All the PDFs’ option. Though I could be wrong about the access criteria. I’ve got it, anyway.

It gets updated with new PDFs when they are released … apparently … but it’s still waiting for PanO …

Although it would still be great if Modiphius could set up a decent folder in BackerKit, only used for the final copies of products, so it’s easy to get hold of the finished copies, rather than trying to work out whether it’s a proof copy or a finished copy.

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Update: Apparently it’s being pushed this week (later today) rather than last week. Calendar-checking error. So fingers crossed it should be up by the end of today.

I’ve just received an e-mail: PanOceania and Nomads have been updated on DTRPG.

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Hmmm. I’ve not received the email, but glad to hear it! Cheers!

I’ve received it too.

Saw the email, but my All the PDF’s collection on DriveThru still shows the older versions… had hoped for updated ones.

On my DTRPG library they appear as if they were updated, but I can’t confirm it they really were or not…

I’m a bit confused, too.
Looking at the date appended to the title of the PDFs it seems they are old versions indeed:

The PanO book looks by this file name to be over half a year old.
I would have expected current versions of those recently released files to have a much more current date.
Some clarification would be helpful.

Edit: I did a PDF diff on the PanO book. There are indeed some differences. The PDF on DTRPG has some minor corrections in layout, some slightly different text passages, and a handful of corrections in the gear chapter. Those are not major differences, but - especially some in the gear chapter - necessary corrections.

So, despite the date showing the PDF as about half a year old, the PanO book did get some passages reworked after the v4 preview version.

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Ugh, now im going to have to check all the PDFs manually for changes…

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(Yep, it seems as if the versions that hit DTRPG are at least the ‘publication’ versions rather than the previews from Backerkit - although the date-appending can be somewhat confusing.)

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