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Official Product Wishlist Part II

I’ve been thinking about formats for aliens books. Modiphius has been clear that they don’t expect that there’s enough demand for a Romulans book (certainly not one of the heft of the Klingon book), but I was thinking about a series of (short, possibly-PDF-only) aliens books.

I was imagining maybe each book could have one major alien adversary (Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi, Borg, Suliban), with a back-up minor adversary (Remans, Talarians, Pakled, Hirogen, Kazon, Breen, Gorn, Tholians) and then fill it out with a short adventure (or maybe only the seed of an adventure). I’d love to see each species’ weapons and ships get a bit of a spotlight. Include a bit about homeworlds, maybe?

I’m not sure where I’d put Orions in that list (major? minor?).

I’m not sure if that format means more people will pick them up or not. But if they’re successful, at some point you could collect them all together in an “aliens book” format.

BCing you

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I would put Orions as major with Gorn as their minor.


Anything and everything possible from Star Trek - BUT - NOT done in the TNG/LCARS visual style. Done either in a “generic” format, or TOS. The STA Tricoder Set is a fantastic product - hoping for more such STA material in the TOS style …

The Book of Green.


Man, and its the Romulans that I would most likely buy.


Romulan core book, no, but I haven’t closed the idea of a dedicated Romulan sourcebook of some sort. On the wishlist, tbd.


I would be fine with just a Romulan source book.
I think a core book would be overkill to be honest and probably make me less likely to buy it.


Agreed. The rules on challenges, dice, momentum and threat will be the same. With Klingons, the rules got streamlined and updated, but I doubt that there will be the necessity for a major update of the rules,[edit] soon,[/edit] right?

Yet, a book with Lifepath-options, spaceframes, plot hooks, reputation system, special equipment and maybe one or the other talent? I mean, besides on how to have plots with and against the Tal’Shiar, how to escalate into the Earth-Romulan War or the time after Nemesis? I’d be so definetly in for that kind of stuff. :smiley:


I think that a Romulan sourcebook would be just fine, especially now that Modiphus now has licensed access to the material featured in Picard.

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The Klingon book made sense because it had polished rules and the additional hook of playing for a Klingon House with appropriate rules.

I don’t think an entire Romulan core book makes sense, but a Romulan or Orion supplement that has rules for a more roguish play style. Like a ragtag crew of misfits that just want to get by. I imagine an extended reputation system with each of the major powers. Maybe some rules for maintaining your vessel. This could be similar to the atmosphere of PIC.

Oh, yes, please! :smiley:

And this: honestly, no, thanks. I totally love how STA supports the narrativism side of the GNS theory and would actually not want to have that cluttered with simulationism. Don’t get me wrong, Traveller is very cool. But it already exists. The hull needs a refit, the dilithium chamber new crystals, the ship new antimatter and the hangars replenisment with instant-shuttle-powder (just add hot water!) if and when (and only then) the story demands it! :slight_smile:

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Rules for improving ships already exist in the forms of using milestones to change ratings for systems and departments or swapping out talents. And adding a refit every 10 years. Don’t know that it needs to get much more detailed than that.


Theres also advice for minor incremental improvements made by the crew (CRB 160). Less crunchy or numbers driven, but still allows the players scratch that itch to a certain extent.

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You know how Wizards of the Coast sells PDFs of 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, etc., D&D products on DriveThruRPG, even though obviously 5th Edition is their current/supported product? I wonder if Modiphius would be able to sell PDFs of old FASA, LUG etc. Star Trek licensed product. I wonder whether this is permitted under their current license, and if not, I wishlist that they negotiate those rights. Seems like easy money all around. :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect almost certainly not! Copyrights would be very complicated, especially given that the previous licence-holders no longer exist (although I assume their IP is owned by someone). CBS would need to ok it as well obviously, and they have issues with some of what was done previously (especially under FASA), but it’s unlikely that they own the full IP for product created by licensees.

There is a precedent (Fantasy Flight republished the first couple of volumes of the West End Star Wars RPG), but Wizards isn’t it - they bought TSR wholesale.

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“CBS…it’s unlikely that they own the full IP for product created by licensees” — Surely they do.

This is my understanding from a long, if sporadic, career in the RPG industry. I am not a lawyer and don’t pretend to be one, but this is what I’ve observed over the years working with licensed properties and RPGs (to include my time as the net rep for Decipher lo these many years ago). Do not take this as gospel, as my knowledge of IP law is patchy at best.

That said: It’s a very, very tangled web. The base IP of Star Trek, yes. The rules system and other content, however, remains the property of the game company (or their legal representatives). The legal entity that is Decipher, for instance, owns the copyright to its books and its rules system to their Star Trek RPG and its supplements, even though CBS owns the right to the overall IP of Star Trek.

Something like what Fantasy Flight did with the West End D6 Star Wars books is extremely rare, and almost certainly involved FFG getting a license for the D6 material from West End Games (which still exists in one form or another), separate from their license to produce Star Wars RPGs from Lucasfilm.


I would love to see a dossier of NPC’s of various divisions, ranks, backgrounds, etc (I’m more interested in Starfleet but sure for klingons too) that I could pull from when I need a new ensign on a ship/starbase or something else.

Ohhh! That’s where the Voyager shuttles came from!

That said, behind the scenes discussion of vessel maintenance might be cool, even if we don’t exactly need rules.

I’d love to see some miniatures using Wrath of Khan uniforms.

I’d also like to see Cardassian and Ferengi miniatures.

I’d also love to see starship deck tiles that are actually on the same scale as the miniatures, but that’s not nearly as high up on my list as the items mentioned above.

Edit: just remembered I’d like some Gorn miniatures!

(I use all of these minis in conjunction with my nifty collection of Star Trek Attack Wing starships–they’re a real blast!)