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Looks like Empire is getting their turn to do a reveal article on the upcoming movie.
They have articles and three variant Dune covers in next month’s issue,
one seems to offer a look at a worm.


At least I hope it is a worm…

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It is a worm, but it’s not a screenshot from the film - a company designed the cover in collaboration with the film company. So this is our best view of one, but it’s not a film image.

Oh and teaser trailer coming this Wednesday (for those not seen it when going to see Tenet - like me).

Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me. *
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

'* The pedant in me wants to point out they missed a bit… :wink:


I was about to post :slight_smile:
Theory is this is cut short because it’s a trailer for the trailer.

Quite exciting tho!

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Exactly right. The main trailer lands tomorrow. Longer than the Tenet one I think.

Since we know it’s planned as two movies to adapt the whole first book, any guesses as to where the first movie will end?

If they want t end on a (sort of) positive note, I could see them cutting it just after Paul kills Jamis.

If they want to end on a cliffhanger, maybe before that, as Paul and Jessica are fleeing the thopter and a worm is approaching.

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I’ve been thinking this same thing. I’m sure we’ll see the Fremen.

There is an interview with Zendaya about playing Chani in this month’s Empire magazine,
where she says she’s not in the first film very much at all.
So that would suggest it takes things up to at least meeting the Fremen but possibly not too much further.

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We are truly living in the end times

I would agree. The obvious point would be at the gap in the book when Fremen have taken Paul in and he begins training to be one of them.

They will want to properly introduce the Fremen as they will be a major part of the second film and up to the desert meeting you see them only once I think with Liet Keynes (discounting Mapes)

Delayed… :cry: To October 2021… :sob::sob::sob:

Well definitely delayed (no surprise there), the actual delayed to date is still unclear.

Question for Modiphius (that I don’t honestly expect an answer on) will the RPG also be delayed and if so by how much?

We’ve having a chat and I can’t promise it won’t have an effect, but we are hoping to maintain the same schedule we have for the RPG.

Does suck though, I was looking forward to the movie. :frowning:

I keep seeing posts saying Dune related books are being pushed to next year. Understandable, as the studio won’t want all their shiny art in the wild a year ahead of the movie.

Well, we’ve not given a date yet for the RPG so anything you see is supposition. :slight_smile:
Hope to have more news soon.

I would suggest that the sales of the RPG should, potentially, maximize before the release of the movie if you hope to capitalize on its hype.

I’d also suggest that there is a pretty successful Dune boardgame that has already been successfully re-released, and also there are some Brian Herbert sequels coming out too.

Not sure if I’m selling the idea, but I hope that the RPG is released in the near future anyway - with all due play testing and quality control done, of course. The delay in the movie is a ■■■■■■, but not surprising with Covid. RPGs, however, are a different medium.

I would expect at least some delay, not that we actually have a date to supposition about. :stuck_out_tongue:
The cynic/realist in me thinks this is a perfect reason for more time spent on editing & quality control.

On the other hand, and is this is frequently forgotten when we talk about our favourite games and similar, Modiphius is a business. They require cash flow to stay afloat. Covid19 will already have put a dent in their cash flow (how often have we been able to meet up with our gaming groups and start a new game?), delaying a new product line too much may just not make sense.

I’ve been meeting regularly with my gaming group online. I think there was some suggestion that servers such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc, have had a field day during the epidemic. Secondly, just because gamers can’t meet in person, doesn’t mean they can’t spend on games. The issue is distribution and the impact of Covid on the mail services - which have been substantial.

Maybe the positive from this will be more focus on the Dune Sisterhood HBO series.

Sadly these things are more complex than just deciding what we’d like to do.
There are several stakeholders in a property of this size and sometimes they have different priorities.
However, it isn’t being an issue so we are carrying on with our schedule.
(which we’ll one day be able to share with you lovely people :slight_smile: