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It looks like the movie is going to get a simultaneous cinema and streaming release when it finally comes out.

So who is going to still watch it at the cinema?
I probably will do for Dune. But for other films I may well skip the over priced popcorn and watch them from the comfort of my home.

Definitely a film to see on the big screen! If any cinemas near me are still open by then…

I’ll certainly be watching it on the big screen.
I was brought up by a film buff so its been ingrained that every film should be seen on the big screen. :slight_smile:

That’s enough to pull me out of my sietch and into a theatre.

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I don’t think we get HBO tv in NZ, so it’s the cinema for me.

I’m not keen on having to sub to watch it streaming. It might not even be a requirement. But yes, I’m interested in watching it streaming. Instant gratification, and all.

Also, if decent, I will probably watch it in theater, when it is finally safe.

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Dune Receiving Earlier Streaming Release on HBO Max

“I did not say this. I am not here”

Dune MUST be seen on a big screen, IMAX preferably.
Don’t wanna spoil anything but well, I went to see it 5 times on the big screen.


I’ve got my entire gaming group tickets for my local IMAX. We take up most of a central row. :sweat_smile:

I was insistent that they would see it properly the first time!


Same. This Sunday the Dune group are playing a short session, and then heading out to watch the movie in IMAX.

And I’m going tonight, too. I can’t wait.


Way to go guys!

Saw an advanced viewing. I was both incredibly thrilled and yet somewhat disappointed. Hasn’t stopped me craving part 2 though!

I just saw it again having got into a marketing screening a while ago.
So good to be able to talk about it, but also feels like one monstrous NDA security breach!
After several months of having to sit on what little we knew, the idea people are just casually going into cinemas and watching it bold as brass is really freaking me out :slight_smile:


I can relate to the frustration of knowing what is coming but not being able to tell everyone how cool it is because of an NDA. :rofl:

But nothing to the scale of having seen Dune early. I am very jealous.

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my group’s campaign of the Dune RPG started 1-2 months before, with the idea in-mind “Let’s play characters in this setting before the movie comes out, and then hopefully be able to imagine our characters in the background as-if we’re extras in the film”. :hugs: We managed to play about 12 sessions to fruition and now it’s all happening! Thank you for the roleplaying game and forum. We’re playing on Roll20 and Discord from around the world. Various players are watching Dune 2021 on HBOmax or in theaters. Most of us will have seen it twice by the end of this weekend.


Just finished and . . . wow. Just incredible.

I did go the HBOMax route simply due to RL but I will be seeing it in the theater as well.

In my opinion, very well done. Beautiful and moving, inspiring and terrifying. We need Part 2.

I do worry about the market (with COVID) and I wonder about accessibility, i.e. will it appeal to a broad (enough) audience to make the kind of money a sequel will likely require, but I think it has the makings of a hit.

It is dark and pulls no punches while still being very younger audience friendly. Deadly serious tone but there are enough moments of levity so it’s not all grimdark all the time. Definitely hope it will appeal to a broad crowd - PG-13 seems appropriate.

The advent of streaming has made it impossible to watch all the movies that are available to people. For that reason it’s become very rare for me to watch a movie more than once. Not only is the new Dune movie one I’ll definitely be re-watching, it’s one that I’m considering paying to watch on the big screen when I get a chance which is something I’ve never done before with a movie I’ve already seen.

I’m not lacking complaints about it but these are the ones I’d expected to have from the start- I always felt movies would never be able to do full justice to Dune and that a big-budget TV series like Foundation got would be the best route. Aside from that… Well, when the only real criticism about a movie is that it wasn’t longer then you know the director has struck gold.

Visually speaking I don’t think there’s ever been a more perfect depiction of the Dune universe.

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For those considering seeing it in the theatre I really recommend it. Preferably IMAX if you can (you literally get more film).
The sheer size of some of the scenes are just breath taking and it immerses you in the world.

If you aren’t certain about the return to theatres then wait a few weeks once the crush has died down and you should be able to get a quiet showing which doesn’t have as many people.
It is worth seeing at least once in that epic scale.

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Went to see it in the IMAX and it is a gorgeous spectacle; it looks and sounds incredible. Nigh on faultless performances by the cast as well for me.

Few specific points and don’t want to colour anyone’s perception going in so spoilered:

I would say it could maybe have done with a tad more exposition in terms of the political situation and small areas of the world building; Leto as well might have benefited from a bit more screen time to round out the character, especially in terms of his relationship with Jessica.

I would say that it makes a resoundingly solid effort to be faithful to the source material, particularly in tone.

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Also, my hot take: the scene on Salusa Secundus was worth the price of admission alone.

Holy Shai Hulud, Batman.