Dune 2 thoughts **spoiler free**

Just came back from the theatre and I’m not really sure how I feel about this film. There have been some notable omissions (that to me don’t make any sense considering where the film leaves off) as well as some major plot changes that I feel are questionable.

However, given that there will apparently be a third installment, perhaps these loose ends will be incorporated later - or otherwise tidied up.

I think overall, I feel a little disappointed.

Things I did like:

  • Jessica grew a spine. I thought she was portrayed as a weak character in the first film, but here she hardens up,
  • The way Paul is shown to be a reluctant leader, a pawn of Bene Gesserit preparation and planning,further added to by his mother’s machinations

Things I didn’t really like:

  • stuff I alluded to above which I’m sure you’ll notice when you see the film for yourselves.
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I was amazed by how much the love story between Chani and Paul was brought out to good effect. I was amazed and enjoyed riding the worms across the desert, especially through the storms. The parallels in storytelling between the first movie and this movie were well thought out and intentional.

The changes that were made will not affect the beginning of Dune Messiah which is what the 3rd chapter will be, allegedly.

I loved the movie and I loved the first one. This had more “action” of course because it was the climax of the the first part as a book, Dune. The director is a master in storytelling, visually, and doesn’t leave out world building. I felt like there was as much in this one as the last one, which is astounding considering that the last film laid the groundwork.

The previous film was more like watching a beautiful desert sunset turn into a terrible storm. This is that storm.

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The final scenes are a change from how the book ends and makes me think that the 3rd film will start earlier than Messiah.

I was in two minds about it. I will need to see part 3 to decide, but after being initially sceptical I am coming round to it. It fits better with how the relationship has developed over the course of the film.

Overall the elements that were cut I largely understand. DV had to cut somewhere and of the 3 characters who were effectively removed I agree that 2 of them are smaller and ‘expendable’. The 3rd character is sort of present, but given the timescales it makes sense. It will be interesting to see how DV handles them in Part 3.

I’m still processing and will be going again with my gaming group (easy Christmas presents :sweat_smile:) which will give me a chance to watch it again knowing the foreshadowing.