Dune Part II Film

First release trailer for Dune Part 2.

It has been described as being more action packed and intense than Part 1. Should be some epic battles in there.
Also it is entirely filmed in IMAX ratio just to up the beauty. :heart_eyes:

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I wonder what the runtime is. Based on interviews there’s going to be ALOT of material covered. It’s gonna be a long movie and I’m loving it.

Is that not (almost) all footage from the first movie? I think I’ve seen that trailer earlier in the year, but maybe my memory plays me false…

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Ah, curses.

Looks like you are right. Not an official trailer. Sorry folks, guess we will have to wait a bit longer.

In the meantime though…


Right trailer!

Looks like we definitely get the gladiator scene with Feyd. :grin:


That’s the business!

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And now the second trailer.

Looks like we are getting the Fey-Rautha gladiator scene, but nothing about Count & Countess Fenring yet. Not clear if they will be in it or not.


In fact the first trailer of the second part was released several years ago.
Emperor Shaddam IV had a prescient dream. I t was hard to interpret until now.
Walk without rhythm and it won’t attract the worm…