No extended Dune dvd?

So the dvd is released, but what are everyone’s thoughts on there not being an extended edition? Bit disappointed myself, but I’m wondering if there’ll be a special “extras” edition.

Matt W

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Given how Villeneuve has been talking I’m not sure there will be an extended cut. He certainly thinks the theatrical release is his vision.

I’m not too worried personally, I’m more interested in the behind the scenes sections such as on how they did the Ornithopters & Sandworms.
I’m not sure they are all on the standard DVD though, only the Blu-ray.

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This is par for the course for Villeneuve. He does not release “directors cuts” of his films.

Extended version: Dune part 2

I’m hoping that the Dune 2 release will see some extra content but I guess it’s better to have the excellent version we have. Still I’d have watched Dune Part 1 for four hours, easily!